VHS-order-trackingAs long as seasonal holidays are round the corner it’s high time to get your online shops prepared for massive orders. There are tons of marketing tips how to enhance your store usability and make it more attractive to potential customers. But today we want to focus your attention on one underestimated, but very important aspect of a successful marketing strategy for every e-commerce business. This is a user-friendly effective order tracking tool.

We are sure that a wisely implemented order tracking feature will allow you dramatically enhance you visitors’ shopping experience and let you visibly reduce your WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls. The getelastic.com website did a great job in elaborating effective steps of improving order tracking usability and we’d like to share the most important of them with you.

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Steps to TakeWhat to do
Clearly show to visitors that your confirmation letter contains order tracking tool.According to the statistics a great amount of online shoppers will likely to go to their order confirmation email for the direct link. It means that to meet customers’ expectations you should properly name your subject line, so that visitors can see at once that you provide them with the order tracking opportunity.
Timely provide your offline customers with order tracking instructions.Accurately collect clients’ emails while talking to them on the phone. Notify your offline shoppers that they’ll get an email with the tracking number and the link to order tracking page.
Choose the right place for your order tracking link.Make sure your tracking link is easy to notice on the page. It’s better to place it in your header as the overwhelming majority of visitors will be looking for the link on the header panel first of all.
Having a tracking tool is a great plus to your store karma, so why hide it somewhere in the footer navigation among Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other links?

We’ll be glad to get any feedback from you. Please tell us the way you enhance your store usability in the comments section.