How Amasty masters teamwork for better results

Hey Amasty blog readers!

Finally, good weather has spread its wings, and Amasty went to a traditional team retreat to have some rest and power up for future achievements.

As always, our team prefers active rest, and this year we chose a quest across countryside and a couple of deserted buildings. We divided into five teams and solved puzzles, searched for codes to unlock the next levels, dove into the river waters to find artifacts, ran through the forest and, finally, played laser tag!

Teamwork is what holds Amasty together, and we polished our skills of being a part of the group, yet being active and motivated, of helping team members and making sure everybody contributes to the team with his or her best knowledge.

We were running for victory and solving puzzles!

Running and solving puzzles

Fighting like tigers!


And just having fun.

Amasty having fun

And being happy.

Amasty happy faces

Always yours, Amasty team.

Amasty team