How one-stop shopping benefited 90% of our customers [survey 2021]

Amasty one stop shop 2021
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Now any of you can come to our store and find every solution you need in one place.

What has changed in our catalog, how you can benefit from it, and what lies ahead? Today, we’ll try to answer these questions.

One-stop what?

Traditionally, we marketed ourselves as being the best-in-class Magento extensions provider with a mono-brand online store. But earlier in the year, we started filling our catalog with products from other developers.

The idea was to provide you with all the needed functionality in one place (even if it’s not covered by our solutions) guaranteeing that these partner’s extensions are fully compatible with ours and supported by one Amasty team.

It’s been more than 6 months, and dozens of customers have already benefited from this one-stop-shop model. We talked with them to better understand their motivations, and what is, more importantly, the results they achieved, and now will share some of these insights with you.

Customers satisfaction survey

Most interviewees said that they used to purchase products from other vendors as well and found our new initiative on selling partners’ products helpful, as now they can order and manage all extensions from one customer account.

Also, this helps them save on the next purchase, as based on our loyalty program by increasing the order total you gain more money on your store credit ($15 for every $100 spent), which you can spend towards the next purchase at Amasty.

As the main value of this initiative, the customers noticed that the technical compatibility between Amasty and partners’ products got to be much better.

Thus, Carsten said that it helped to lessen the hassle and reduce support cases for them.

And Nasir confirmed the whole concept to which we were going by saying that now Amasty became a one-stop-shop for him.

Our customers also found the support service provided to them was very helpful and timely. The buyers have specifically noted how convenient it is to contact one manager for supporting all products.

With the customers’ suggestions for increasing the number of partners’ products in the Amasty catalog, our plans for the future are getting bigger.

What lies ahead

To meet your specific business needs, we’re continuing to diversify our catalog with partner products carefully selecting the best offers in their niche.

Our technical team aims to ensure the 100% compatibility of our and partner products to simplify their implementation. The aim is to make sure that no technical glitches will spoil your experience.

Beyond extensions, we are looking towards the latest innovative solutions, like Voicefront SaaS. We aim to offer solutions that can significantly optimize your workload, cut costs, and boost sales using new technologies, new sales channels, and methods. We want to give you groundbreaking growth solutions that will help you in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing market.

Summing up, our goal is to provide you and our partners with a relevant set of products, services, and ways of cooperation for business optimization and its growth and development.

How this can help your business

You will

  • find all extensions you need in one place
    there’s no need to switch between different websites hoping to find and purchase everything you need at a time
  • minimize compatibility risks
    we test all partner’s extensions for compatibility with our top modules before the release. This helps you minimize the possibility of facing any issues that may occur after you’ll install these extensions on your Magento instance. If our QA team finds any inconsistencies, we inform our partners about them and tackle this problem together in advance
  • reduce support and maintenance costs
    purchasing 3rd-party extensions at Amasty, you get supported by our technical team. There’s no need to contact different vendors looking for a time-consuming solution to incompatibility or other issues
  • obtain more benefits from our loyalty program
    the more you spend at Amasty, the more money you get back to your store credits that you can further use towards your next purchases
  • get any customizations you need
    if there’s a case when you need to adjust extensions’ settings to your specific store needs, you won’t have to look for a development team, as we’re always ready to consult you on your issue and provide full assistance from smaller customization to the turn-key website development.

P.S. Special thanks to all our customers for taking the time to be interviewed.

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Lavera Gomez
July 16, 2021
Hey, admin thank you for sharing business tips it will be very helpful for beginners who are thinking to start a new business. all the very best for your next blog keep sharing...!!!
Vladimir Derachits
July 20, 2021
Hi Lavera! Thanks for reading and sharing your opinions. We are glad to be helpful.
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