How to build brand awareness with the help of Magento Extensions?

Online stores are popping up all over the place, so competition is getting increasingly harder. Building brand awareness and ensuring customers remember who you are is a hard challenge. To win the customers, merchants take various steps, from setting up a blog to generous gift cards. They can also use a simple yet efficient option for increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty: they give customers reward points for making purchases in their stores.

But what of those works best?

Can’t say for sure. That’s why we have asked our Partner Lewis Sellers, Managing Director of Pinpoint Designs Ltd, to list a few simple tips that will help you to keep your Magento store at the front of your customers’ minds.

DesignDesign Don’t underestimate the power of a nicely designed eCommerce store. If you’ve designed a store that looks nice, people will recognize it and you’ll build immediate trust with that potential customer. If your store is full of spelling mistakes, layout issues, different coloured text and poorly designed imagery, you’re going to put customers off. Invest time in clearing up these issues.



Special occasionsSpecial occasion coupons  A module developed by Amasty will automatically send your customers a coupon on the run up to their birthday or other preset events. It’s important to keep your customers happy, so by providing them with a 15% discount off your store on special occasions, it’s bound to put a little smile on their face.



Great customer serviceGreat Customer Service This is something that is absolutely vital to a successful business. If you are willing to go the extra mile for a customer, they will always return to you, even if you are on the odd occasion, slightly more expensive. If a customer sends in an email, try to respond within an hour. If they ask a question, provide as much detail as possible. Simple methods of providing a better experience will help you to build brand awareness effectively.



Facebook and Twitter PromotionFacebook & Twitter PromotionsWhen a customer places an order on your website, try to get them to follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Once they’re on here, you can slowly advertise promotions and keep your brand at the front of their mind. Be careful with Social Media though, you’ll lose followers quickly if you’re constantly promoting your brand, so try to get a good mix between fun, informative and interesting articles along with sales posts!



Loyalty pointsLoyalty PointsThis is a brilliant method to keep customers returning to your store. Again, it’s a module that Amasty have developed for use with many of their clients. Each time a client spends £x, provide them with a point worth £0.xx. Overtime, these points will accumulate and the client will be able to redeem them against future orders. Look at the likes of Boots and Sainsburys with their Boots loyalty and nectar cards. People get stuck using the same suppliers getting a good vibe from collecting points.



Keep store up to dateKeep your store up to date – Make sure you keep your store up to date. Follow the latest eCommerce trends, make sure everything operates properly on modern devices and don’t forget about holyday layout. If Christmas is approaching, make a point of putting a banner on the website, or updating some of the content to reflect it’s Christmas time. Building trust is one of the key ways to get a customer to remember your website.


We hope the above tips on how to build brand awareness will give you some ideas on retaining clients and gaining marketing weight. If you have any additional ideas, please post a comment below.