Holidays are coming, and merchants start preparing by buying seasonal goods, planning special promotions, etc. At the same time, sellers can meet dead stock. But what is the dead stock, and what does it mean? Sometimes your stock is already full of products that you cannot sell for some time. That is called dead stock. Today we will talk about the reasons for dead stock, how you can get rid of it and how to prevent this situation in the future.

Reasons for dead stock

4 main reasons can lead to dead stock.

#1. Low demand

The market often is unstable. For example, today red shoes are on-demand, so you buy 100 pairs. But two weeks later, no-one cares about red shoes. Everyone is looking only for white sneakers. And after a few erroneous purchases from your suppliers, you can get the full stock of items that are not in demand anymore.

Or another situation. Say, you have bought 200 artificial Christmas trees. But you have sold only 150 of them. There can be many reasons why it happened, but the result is 50 unnecessary trees. What to do with them? Go to step 2 to read the answer.

#2. Lack of inventory management

It’s not surprising that you have dead stock if you don’t analyze your inventory flow. You need to keep an eye on what products are in demand, when you need to purchase more and when you need to wait a bit.

#3. Defective product

The quality of your goods can be another reason why you cannot sell them. Say, your clothes might be wrongly marked as XS when it is an M size in reality. In this case, it makes sense to ask your supplier for a refund.

#4. Wrong marketing strategy

You need to be sure that your marketing specialist understands the features of your market. Also, if you and your sales team have little knowledge about the product, it might be difficult to sell it. And your marketing strategy can lead to a crowded warehouse.

How to deal with dead stock?

We have found 6 ideas on what you can do with extra goods.

#1. Send Free Gifts

This old trick still works. If you want to empty warehouses, just offer these products as gifts and automatically add them to the shopping cart. Also, it will help you to increase customer loyalty because everyone likes to get gifts.

You can use our Free Gift mod to implement this. The extension automatically adds a gift to the cart if this good is in-stock. It is compatible with 4 product types and coupon codes. Of course, the module is mobile-optimized.

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#2. Bundle products up

Combine your deadstock products with relevant products to motivate your customers to buy them together. Also, you can offer a discount for a bundle. Or you can just show the needed goods in the “You may also like” block. This way you will be able to get rid of the dead stock.

You can do it with our Automatic Related Products module. It uses smart algorithms based on your rules and shows the most relevant products. You can set a fixed or percentage discount on your bundles.

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#3. Make a sale

Another way to sell unnecessary products is a big sale. Offer a high discount, for example, 70% off, and don’t forget to restrict returns and refunds for goods on promo. You can make it limited time to create additional motivation.

Apart from sales, you can create any other special promotion with these goods to increase their sales.

Inform your customers about the special offer with a catchy banner!

#4. Giveaways

Giveaway is not only the option to sell deadstock goods but also the opportunity to attract new customers and engage them. Giveaways are often integrated with social networks. For example, you can announce them on Facebook or create a giveaway on Instagram and place the Instagram widget on your website to attract more attention to it.

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#5. Return it to your supplier

If your products are defective or none of the previous points worked, you can try to return deadstock goods to your supplier. Check their RMA policy, maybe you can still get a refund.

#6. Donations

Say, you have an online clothing shop, and a part of your products is out-of-date. If you can’t sell them and sales don’t work, you can just donate these products. Storing dead stock always means losing money, and a donation is a good option if compared to throwing it all away. Moreover, you can tell your customers about this campaign and increase their loyalty.

Note: If you donate goods, you can save on taxes in some countries!

How to prevent overstocking?

Dead stock is easier to prevent than to deal with. The best tool against the dead stock is inventory management and product analysis. You need to analyze which goods are bestsellers and what is not in demand now. And according to this data, you can correct your procurement strategy. Just stop deliveries on time.

Our Advanced Reports mod has 5 catalog reports:

  • By Product – there you can see how many times a product was ordered and how many items you sold in a specific period.
  • By Product Attributes – this report shows the statistics by chosen product attributes. For example, you can see what color is the most popular among your customers.
  • By Brands – find out what brand is the bestseller in your store.
  • Product Performance – analyze what goods generate more revenue.
  • Bestsellers – look through the list of the best-selling products.

See also: If you want to avoid storing problems, you can choose marketplace or dropship strategy. Read our comparison guide to learn what the difference is.

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That’s it for today!

If you still have questions, feel free to comment below!