This year’s competition among e-stores increased due to the pandemic. Our business partner Webscale has already explained why this year will be different and why you need to bring more effort into preparation.

For this article, we’ll give you 6 data-driven tips about how you can prepare your Magento 2 store and other sales channels for the holiday season.

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Tip #1. Get ready for high traffic

Statistics say

The holiday season is a peak time for any retailer. On average, days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday increase an e-store traffic by 120%. And during the holiday season, the average daily traffic is around 60% higher than during the rest of the year.

Moreover, this year e-commerce traffic has already doubled compared to 2019 due to the pandemic impact:

statista e-commerce traffic

What to do

The best thing you can do for your store is to optimize its speed and make sure your server capacity is enough for the upcoming load. If you know about some performance issues you didn’t have time to solve, try the following:

  • Install Google Page Speed Optimizer. It will optimize your code structure, resize and compress images, and enable lazy loading. Learn about plugin features and the most important settings from the webinar:

  • Set up full page cache and enable cache warming. The warmer timely updates data from your store so that visitors get the needed content faster.
  • Migrate to another server. If Magento optimization tools are not working, the problem may lay in your server capacity. Think about migrating to new hosting for better performance.

Tip #2. Make your store mobile-friendly

Statistics say

According to Adobe research, mobile traffic during holiday season 2019 increased by 14%. But in the same year, the conversion rate on mobile devices was more than two times lower than on desktops:

conversions on mobile

There are multiple reasons why the conversion rate differs so much, but one of them is that websites are inconvenient for mobile users.

What to do

To make your website more mobile-friendly, use one of the following tools:

  • Install a responsive design theme. Thus, our Jet Theme was designed based on a mobile-first approach.
  • Create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Our extension allows you to create fast and easy-to-use pages just in a few clicks.
  • Develop a mobile application. Mobile apps have almost 3 times higher conversion rate than mobile versions of websites.
  • Create a PWA. This is a relatively new technology, and it has its advantages and drawbacks. Here are our blog posts that can help you dive deeper into this topic:

PWA in Magento 2: how to use it?

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How to create a PWA storefront using Magento 2 PWA studio

Our first tips are pretty fundamental, and they are quite difficult to implement in a short time. And since there is very little time left before the start of the holiday season, let’s see what you can do right now.

Tip #3. Use additional sales channels

Statistics say

According to the Statista survey, more than 80% of shoppers plan to get their holiday gifts primarily on Amazon. That means you may lose their attention if you don’t have a page on Amazon.

What to do

Using our Product Feed extension, you can synchronize the Magento 2 store with your Amazon account. The plugin helps you to generate a product feed and export all or specific products and information about them from your store in one of the supporting formats XML, CSV, or TXT. Also, with this mod, you can generate a product feed for Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook, and other shopping engines as well.

Tip #4. Offer free shipping

Statistics say

Deloitte research shows that 85% of buyers prefer free shipping over fast delivery during holiday sales. Moreover, Google reports that there is an uptick in searches connected to free sipping in the middle of December.

What to do

When offering free shipping, you can use it to increase the average check size. According to September 2020 data from Morning Consult, customers plan to spend less on holiday shopping this year.

customers survey holiday 2020

So, offering customers free shipping for a specific check size can help you earn more. To notify users about this free shipping option, use our Free Shipping Bar extension. It shows this notification indicating how much money is left to spend to get your free shipping, the amount left will be updated automatically:

free shipping bar

Tip #5. Offer your assistance to customers

Statistics say

During holiday shopping, users expect to find some sort of help in choosing the desired product. According to the Deloitte research:

  • 42% of shoppers need product recommendations;
  • 17% of users want to use visual search tools;
  • 7% of responders answered that they are looking for curated subscription products;
  • 6% of consumers prefer voice assistants;
  • and only 5% want to use chatbots.

What to do

If you can implement all the tools described above, it will help you to cover all the consumers’ needs. But the most wanted and, at the same time, the easiest implement tool to implement is product recommendations. By using the Automatic Related Products extension, you can set up an algorithm to offer the most suitable related items, upsells, or cross-sells.

automatic related products

The plugin gathers products that were viewed or bought together and displays related items. Or you can also enable the Same As condition to recommend products from the same category, with the same price, size, color, or any other attribute.

Tip #6. Don’t underestimate promotions

Statistics say

Consumers are expecting to save on promotions during the holiday season. More than 80% of responders agreed with this opinion in the Deloitte survey.

What to do

If you haven’t planned any promotions and advertising campaigns for your Magento 2 store on multiple channels, think about what you can give instead of big discounts. A few options are to send Magento 2 promo codes to your loyal clients only or offer Magento 2 coupons for free delivery or gift wrapping. Even a small special offer may help you avoid customers’ frustration. Here are some extensions that can help you out:

our special offers