What’s the main idea that stands behind e-commerce sites?

That’s conversion!

Whatever industry you belong to, by means of a web store you connect with your existing and potential clients with the intention to establish better content with the audience and sell. Believe it or not but the design and usability of your site (including advanced in-store search) have the direct effect on the users’ behavior and their buying experience.

In order to convert more buyers into your loyal customers, you need to make sure that your website offers seamless user experience.

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms that you can use for the launch of your web store. Magento is one of the leading and most popular solutions among thousands to millions of businesses worldwide. Thanks to its advanced functionality and the possibility to upload unlimited number of products and services to the pages of Magento-based sites.

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So, how can you engage more customers while improving the UX of your Magento site?

Let’s discover.

Make It Easy to Search for the Necessary Products

It goes without saying that there should be the advanced search bar available on your site. This will be a great benefit if you make it AJAX-based. This will help you reveal suggestions on the items that are available in your inventory as your customers type in the keywords. Enhancing the site with additional Magento 2 filters and product sorting options grows the changes that the users will be able to find the necessary items easily. That’s a great idea to include categories list in a sidebar of a web store.


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Make the Navigation Intuitive

If the site visitors are able to find the necessary pieces of data effortlessly, without much interruption, then your web store is intuitive.

Intuitiveness is one of the most vital aspects that determine the overall user experience on your site. A website that’s intuitive to navigate features recognizable icons and navigation patterns. It’s spacious and includes clearly defined focal points. The navigation panel of such sites is not complicated, containing 5 navigation items maximum. The navigation on the site may be enhanced with additional lists of categories, product filters, and sorting options.

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Include the Possibility to Sort Items

One more feature that can help you enhance the usability of your site is letting the customers create a list of items. In that way, they can create custom lists of products and services that are organized as per certain criteria. For example, people can create lists of the products that they are going to buy in the future. There can be lists of items that they enjoy and may recommend to others. By means of such lists, you can make different types of items more findable for your clients and narrow down the choices they have to look at while making the purchasing decision.


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Reveal Item Availability Information

In order to convert buyers into loyal customers, you need to make them trust you with many things. No matter if your inventory is big or small, some of the items may be out-of-stock. In order to ensure that your customers will be provided with the best shopping experience, keep them updated on the availability of items you sell.

The trick that many online sellers go in for is keeping the buyers updated on how many items of a specific category are left and are available for purchase. This will encourage those buyers who hesitate whether or not they need to purchase something to finish the browsing session with a completed order.

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Include Additional Product Badges

In addition to the availability of items, you can keep the users informed about new products that were added to your collection recently. Also, you can bring additional emphasis to the discounted items. You can bring extra focus to different types of products by means of the extra product badges, all of which are supported by Magento.

Present Products in a Better Way

Your web store may include the richest and most exclusive collection of items imaginable. However, your efforts will be useless if the products are not organized in a smart and quick-to-browse way. So, if you do not see the expected sales boost, then it’s probably that something went wrong with the products presentation on your web store’s pages.

One of the biggest disadvantages of e-commerce sites is that people cannot touch product physically. With the intention to compensate this, webmasters enhance product pages with the quality visuals, the possibility to zoom images, as well as take a look at the video reviews.

All this taken together lets the web buyers examine the preferred items in details and make the right buying decision.


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Mobile UX is Different from Desktop UX

The way your web store performs on desktop devices is different from the way it runs on mobile screens. Even if your web store delivers excellent UX on the desktop screens, you shouldn’t neglect about optimizing it for the screens of smartphones and tablets.

Smartphone screens are smaller. While browsing your site on-the-go, the users do not need to access as much data as you include in the desktop version of your site. Today, more and more webmasters opt for the mobile-first design paradigm. With its help, you keep more focused on the most essential pieces of content, thus guiding the users through the entire process of browsing the inventory to completing a purchase on our site.


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Optimize It for Speedy Performance

A speedy site not only provides the web buyers with the better shopping experience but also guarantees that your site will rank higher in the search engines. The modern-day web users won’t wait for a web page to load for longer than 3 seconds (especially when they reach your site from mobile screens). Reaching a web page that takes too long to load, the users click the close tab and leave for a competitor’s site with better load speeds.

According to the stats, websites that take too long to load account for 11% of abandoned shopping carts. Even if a visitor reaches the homepage of your store, browses the inventory, and finds the products that meet his needs, then the slow speeds during the checkout can simply frustrate a buyer during the attempt to complete his order.

The site loading speeds depend on the hosting provider and the structure of your site. There are extra tools and extensions that can help you speed up the performance of your web resource.

Also, take care of the weight and quality of visual content on your site. Instead of uploading videos to the server, embed the code from such popular video platforms as YouTube and Vimeo.

Just in case you cannot do anything with the page loading speeds, get creative with the loading screen. This will make the users forget about a sluggish site and keep the users with you as they wait until the web page loads.

Bold Images

We’ve already mentioned the importance of the quality visual content on e-commerce sites. Whatever device people may be used to access your e-commerce store, the pictures should be presented in the bold and catching style. The modern-day users are looking for the big and beautiful product images that look good on different angles. We live in the increasingly visual era, which suggests that the webmasters need to adapt to the contemporary trends.fashi-templatemonsters-amasty-blog

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Personalize It

By providing the users with a personalized site browsing and shopping experience, you can establish a better connection with your clients. Buyers will notice such little yet notable things as a personalized greeting as they come back to your site. Also, you can reveal a list of products that match a buyer’s preferences based on his previous purchases.

Keep Form-filling to the Minimum

People hate long and nasty forms. Whether it’s a registration on your site or the guest checkout, avoid asking the customers to fill in several forms. In order to keep the users with you and enhance the checkout with better UX design, ask for the essentials only. Do not make the users spend more than a minute to fill in the requested fields.stereocar-templatemonsters-amasty-blog

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Wrapping Up

The sky is the limit. If you want to grow the community of your loyal fans and keep the audience return to your brand, then consider implementing the aforementioned tips into the UX of your Magento site.

Are there other effective techniques that are worth to be mentioned?

Please share your opinion below this post.