How to increase conversion rate in your Magento store

Conversion rate is the thing that turns a random visitor into a buyer. Increase of the conversion rate is your main and only aim. But when you start your Crusade for customers’ love and affection, you don’t have to walk this road all by yourself. Check our little helpers that would assist your Magento store in reaching world-beating conversion rate.

How to deal with conversion rate?

Conversion rate is a like a rare beast or a precious piece of fabric – it requires special attention and treatment. Only proper analysis of what really works for your store will give you a clue to understanding how to form the marketing strategy for your Magento store right.

The best thing you can do here is to segment your conversion rate by of the following factors.

  • Acquisition channels

Acquisition channels will let you get an insight into whether your SEO or e-mail marketing need changes. Besides, you will know what social network your customers are using, which would let you spend your SMM budget with much better results.

By the way, social reference statistics can be quite surprising. A few months ago Shopify platform published the results of the research, in which it studied 37 mln social visits. The research shows that Polyvore (fashion social network), Instagram and Pinterest users are buying much more than fans of Twitter or LinkedIn, which is a red flag for those who work in fashion and design industry to start promotion in these networks. Check the detailed results below.

Average Order Value by Social Referrer

  • Devices used

Another important issue is the devices your customers use. Total Mobilification has already become the main trend of 2014 and tablets can boast of the conversion rate almost equal to computers’ one. Check whether this is the case for your industry and provide your customers with a convenient mobile version or even create a special application for your users.

Ecommerce Conversion Rates by Device

  • Purchase time

Knowledge of what day of the week or month you sell best lets you manage your promotion and discount strategy more efficiently. Besides, you will know when you should buy more in stock in order to satisfy the demand of your customers.


What Magento extensions increase conversion rate?

Product Labels

Product Labels is a great Magento extension for making the goods you sell noticeable. Colorful badges marking discounted, new or best-selling products can’t but attract the attention of your customers with almost no effort from your side.

Product Labels

Customers Also Viewed

Customer Also Viewed Magento extension is a priceless tool for increasing order total of your customers. The related products are generated automatically, so all you have to do is to install this Magento extension and reap the fruits of your work.

Customers Also Viewed

Product Attachments

The more information your customers have about your products the more they trust you, and Product Attachments Magento extension is ready to assist you with this. Why don’t you make the life of your customers easier and provide your products with the assembling or maintenance manual. Option of downloading the price-list of all the products you offer will encourage wholesale purchases.

Product Attachments

Out of Stock Notification

Out of Stock Notification Magento extension will let you turn an unsatisfied customer into a returning one. Every time a user finds that the item he wants is out of stock he can add it to his subscription and receive the notification when the item will be back in stock. Besides, this extension is great for studying the demand for your products and managing buying strategy.

Out of Stock Notification