Recently, we’ve announced that you can get our Layered Navigation Lite under the freemium model.

What does the freemium mean? 

How does it work? 

What benefits do you get? 

We’ll tell you all about this in the article.

What is Amasty’s freemium?

At Amasty, the word Freemium is a merger of ‘free’ and ‘premium’. The idea of this strategy is that you:

  • get access to the main features of our extensions for $1;
  • test the module on your Magento;
  • and extend the functionality by purchasing the advanced version later if needed.

How does our freemium work?

Our first one-dollar freemium extension is Layered Navigation Lite. It includes the basic options for setting up filters in Magento 2 stores:

  • multi-select
  • price slider
  • AJAX filtering
  • vertical scrolling, etc.

This module helps you extend the vanilla Magento 2 navigation and cover basic users’ needs. But if you want to have:

  • filters category restrictions
  • from-to widget
  • advanced category tree
  • dependent & custom filters
  • horizontal navigation and more,

you’ll need to get the Pro version of this extension for the full price.

However, in no case we force you to purchase the full version after some period, you can buy it only if you need the features. YYou can enjoy the basic functionality of navigation Lite as long as you wish.

We’re planning to release more freemium plugins, for example, Wishlist and Facebook Comments, with time.

4 benefits you get with the Freemium

You get high-quality extensions for $1

The main advantage of getting our plugins under the freemium model is clear – you will get a high-quality product for only $1, and you are not forced to pay more. It may be useful if you are not sure whether you need all the advanced features or this product will be compatible with your 3rd-party plugins.

Regardless of the final price, we develop and test all our extensions according to Magento standards. We run functional, security, and access-control testing to ensure that you get a bug-free and user-friendly product. We use MFTF tests to automate the process of testing the new features and speed up the update’s release.

You don’t have to extend the freemium

Our freemium business model doesn’t put pressure on you by obliging to acquire the advanced version whatever it takes. If you purchased our freemium extension, you can use it as long as you need, of course, without violation of the license agreement.

You don’t need to come for specific budgetary

The freemium model allows you to get features that your business needs right now. Maybe you don’t need horizontal navigation today, this means there’s no reason to spend over $400 for the Pro version. But as your business grows, you will be able to scale the Lite version.

You can count on support, installation, refund

Even getting our module almost with no cost, it goes with standard free 3-month support, free lifetime updates, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

We hope that now you understand how the Amasty freemium strategy works, but if you still have any questions, feel free to comment below. We’ll do our best to help you out.