Today’s world develops with high-speed thanks to IT. Digitalization has an influence on every part of our lives: social, political, economic, etc. And we couldn’t imagine our day-to-day life without social networks or online shopping. This leads to the fact that we leave terabytes of data on the Internet. And this is a great opportunity for the business.

On I3E Conference we will rethink current business methods and practices and adapt them to the modern world requirements. The 13th IFIP will be held in Sanya, China on November 28-30, 2014. Scholars, practitioners, and research students are invited to the event. They will present papers and findings in 3 main directions: Services, Society and Business.

What topics will be covered?

In the Digital Services section:

  • Customer is a king? A. W. Baur, A. C. Genova, J. Buehler, and M. Bick will answer this question and give an example of shifting from cost- to value-based pricing for software.
  • P. Wang will help us understand the influence of electronic recommendations on tourists’ visits.

In the Digital Society section:

  • E. Koskivaara will inform us how to improve our physical activity and health with the help of IT.
  • The group of students from China will present their research on the process design of a digital platform.

In Digital Business section:

  • Y. Cheng and Z. Qi will explain how to set your password by using the multidimensional scheme.
  • The group of students headed by A.K.M. N. Islam will tell us about the young people, who are purchasing virtual goods in virtual worlds, and present the role of user experience and social context.

We have given just a little part of the cases and studies, that will be present on I3E 2014: IFIP Conference on e-Business, e-Services, e-Society. This scientific conference brings together a variety of perspectives for the advancement of knowledge about challenges and opportunities in digital.