A blog is a powerful marketing tool, that can boost your sales, attracting the target audience. Companies that have a blog page and update it regularly get 97% more links, 55% more visitors, increase traffic and customer trust.

Blog Pro extension allows you to create and manage blog posts in one place without any other 3rd-party framework. And today we will talk about the latest updates.

Note: use the Composer to update or reinstall the extension safely. Learn how to do it in our full guide. Also, be sure that you have done a full backup before updating.

Magento 2 Blog Pro new features

#1. Featured articles

Pin the most valuable posts on top of the page and draw more attention to them. It can be useful if you put articles with the highest conversion there. It will help you to get the most of them. Go to Content>Posts, find the needed post, and click on it. Set Yes for the Mark as Featured graph in the Options block:

featured articles

Also, now you can see the number of likes and views in this block, so you can analyze what topics are more popular among your customers.

When you are ready, save the changes.

#2. Likes control

As we mentioned above, we have added the like option to the post page. You can enable it in general settings. Go to Stores>Configuration>Blog Pro. Unfold the Post block and pick Yes in the Enable ‘Like’ control dropdown:

like control settings

Save the changes.

Now your visitors can vote for the most valuable and useful posts with likes or dislikes. You can make data-driven decisions by tracking the statistics of each post in the admin panel and optimize your content strategy.

likes frontend example

#3. Import from WordPress

Say, you already have a blog on WordPress with many articles and comments, and you don’t want to lose it. The manual data transfer may take too much time. After the update, the Blog Pro module can make it automatically. It allows transferring your blog from WordPress to Magento 2 platform with all your posts, comments, authors, and other content. And you can manage everything in one place.

To do this, go to Content>Import:

import from wordpress

There you need to fill in your SQL Database Name and User Name, enter the Password, specify Database Host and Table Prefix. Also, you need to set if you want to create a new post or update content on the existing URL-key. Then click on the Import button, and all the content will be transferred automatically.

#4. GraphQL compatibility

The Blog Pro is already compatible with GraphQL. It allows exposing the data like post page, recent posts, posts grid, recent comments, comments, categories tree, tags, author page, category page, etc. to build PWA/JS-based frontend.

Note: Learn more about GraphQL advantages and working process.

#5. Automatic Related Products support

Increase your sales by adding related products to your blog post. Blog Pro is compatible with Automatic Related Products that allows you to show a widget with relevant goods on the post pages. Create promotions, strengthen it with a blog post, and reach more potential customers.

For example, you have a clothing store. You can write an article about fall trends and add the widget with products that suit the main trends to this post.

Increase the number of repeat purchases with our upgraded Blog Pro!

What do you think about this big update? Do you have any ideas about what we can add to this module in the next version?

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below or make a feature request.