The “Knowledge is power” by Francis Bacon gets a new meaning if we look at a web store knowledge base. In e-commerce, the knowledge base, or the FAQ section, can actually do much more than it may seem at first sight.

In addition to answering customers’ questions, the FAQ section can:

  • Give additional product information that otherwise would have overloaded a product page;
  • Let customers resolve common problems without the support team;
  • Display your expertise and build trust;
  • Show your care to customers;
  • Enhance SEO and website navigation.

To hit all these targets with one shot, we designed a special knowledge management extension called Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions.

For more information about it, read here.

As you probably know, the Amasty team is constantly in search of new enhancements to our extensions. Today, we are happy to present to you 11 new features that extend the capabilities of our Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions. Please, welcome…


Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions new features

New features in the Magento 2 FAQ and product questions.

#1. Try more UI elements: layouts, widgets, buttons, collapsible questions

Now, you can create a convenient FAQ Home Page using 3 widgets: the Back to Product button, the FAQ Categories List, and the FAQ Search Box.

This is how they look on the frontend:


Moreover, not to overwhelm a page with info, all layouts support the ability to collapse and expand questions:

collapse and expand questions in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

#2. Add an FAQ as a widget to any Magento 2 CMS page

Now you can make it easier for customers to find answers to their questions. For this, use widgets to give your clients a quick access to the FAQ from any CMS page. To insert a widget, please, go to Content ? Pages and select the required CMS page, say the Home Page.

Now, enable the WYSIWYG editor and click the Insert Widget button. Next, select the necessary widget from the dropdown menu. The extension allows you to insert and customize two of them – the FAQ Categories List and the FAQ Search Box.

Let’s configure the FAQ Categories List:

The FAQ Categories List in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

And now, let’s check the settings of the FAQ Search Box:The FAQ Search Box in the Magento 2 FAQ extension. As an extra bonus, now the search bar also provides search results preview, as in this screenshot:

 Search results preview in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

#3. Export and import the FAQ data with ease

This enhancement allows you to quickly transfer data from one knowledge base to another, say, at the moment when you are upgrading your system to Magento 2. Also, you can easily back up the FAQ content via the export functionality.

To find the feature setting, navigate to System ? Import FAQ Categories or System ? Import FAQ Question. Now configure the parameters of the import behavior and specify the path to the source file:

The Magento 2 FAQ import functionality.

To export files from Magento 2 knowledge base, go to System ? Export and pick the Amasty FAQ Categories or Amasty FAQ Questions from the Entity Type dropdown menu. After you mark fields that you want to skip, click Continue, and the job is done:

Export functionality in the Magento 2 FAQ.

To find more information about this, read the user guide.

#4. Add icons and descriptions to categories

To improve the knowledge base navigation, you can hint at the category content by adding featured images and descriptions. To find the settings, please, go to Content ? FAQ Categories and open the details of an existing category or create a new one:Add icons and descriptions in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

This what you can get on the frontend:

The FAQ category icon on the frontend.

#5. Limit number of questions and answers displayed

This new feature allows you to make navigation across the FAQ categories more convenient by (a) limiting the number of questions and answers per page and (b) enabling pagination. Also, you can apply such limits to the FAQ search results and product pages.

To find the setting, please, go to Configuration ? FAQ and Product Questions ? FAQ Search, Navigation and Sorting. In the Limit question number in category and Limit questions number in search results specify the needed values:

Set limits for questions display in Magento 2 FAQ.

#6. Leverage statistics to move popular questions upwards

The Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions extension can now analyze on which categories and questions customers click more often and use this info to display more popular content upper in the search results.

To enable this setting, please, navigate to Configuration ? FAQ and Product Questions ? FAQ Search, Navigation and Sorting and pick Most viewed in the Sort by dropdown menu:

Display popular questions first in the FAQ search results.

#7. Become GDPR compliant

In reaction to GDPR enactment, we upgraded the FAQ with a necessary feature. Now you can configure a notification about personal data processing that will appear once a user submits a question. Check the setting in Configuration ? FAQ and Product  Questions ? GDPR Consent:

GDPR ready features of the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

This is how it looks like on the frontend:

The customer view of the GDPR feature of the Magento 2 FAQ.

#8. Let customers rate questions

To get customers’ feedback on how helpful your answers are and show that you indeed care about your clients, add ratings to each page. Pick either the Yes/No or the Voting option to display rating the way your customers like. To turn on this feature, go to Configuration  ? FAQ and Product  Questions ? Rating:

User ratings in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

Here is how the Rating feature works on the frontend:

The customer view of user ratings in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

#9. Add social sharing buttons

Don’t miss the opportunity to attract new visitors with the FAQ content. After providing valuable answers, let customers quickly share those that they find particularly helpful via social media.

For this, go to Configuration  ? FAQ and Product  Questions ? Social Buttons, click Yes to enable the feature and pick relevant Social networks out of 12 options: Social sharing buttons in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

This is what you can get as a result:

The customer view of social sharing buttons.

#10. Leave questions without individual URLs

Now if you have a concise answer, you don’t have to create a standalone page for every question. The updated Magento 2 FAQ and Product extension questions allows keeping brief answers without URLs. To turn this option on, just open the General settings of a question and choose Yes in the following field:

Leave questions without URLs if needed.

#11. Use enhanced SEO tools for questions and categories

The enhanced Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions module allows you to not only tweak such SEO must-haves as metadata but also add canonical URLs to each page of the knowledge base. The ‘Noindex’ and ‘Nofollow’ configurations are designed to prevent content duplication and keep the link juice.

To configure the settings, click to edit a question or create a new one and scroll down to the SEO section:

Use more SEO tools in the Magento 2 FAQ extension.


One more improvement regards the XML sitemap. Now you can add any FAQ page to the Magento 2 XML sitemap. Here, you can also specify the frequency and priority of the FAQ pages updates.  

The Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions extension is now compatible with Amasty Google XML sitemap.

Bottom line

The updates of the Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions module are meant to make the management of your knowledge base easier and more efficient.

We are looking forward to your feedback and welcome your suggestions for further improvements.