Giving away promotional items, be those branded ones or not, has always been a strong marketing tactic. The latest trends show that today customers more than ever expect to get valuable promotional products. Giving out cheap items no longer works as customers want something durable and worthy.

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With both customer loyalty and your profit in mind, you may have a reasonable question: how to offer valuable, and hence pricey, promo items and increase a campaign ROI? Many merchants use a nifty trick in this case and offer discounts for sought-after products instead of handing out cheap gifts.

Today we are happy to present our improved Magento 2 Free Gift to you. Now the module perfectly works for both gifts and discounted offerings.

Let’s explore together how this enhancement can bring value to you.

When to give a discount rather than a gift?

The Free Gift extension is a great assistant when you want to reward customers with particular products. In some cases, offering discounted items instead of free ones can be preferable. To name a few ideas:

  • You want to create theme-based marketing campaigns, like for St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Women’s Day.
  • You want to boost sales of the products that relate to some brand, for example, by offering discounted jackets by Nike to those who purchase their trousers.
  • You want to sell more related products, like full coverage foundations and rouge.
  • You want to boost seasonal sales with promos, for example, by offering T-shirts with 50% off to everyone who buys jeans.

How does it look like in the Free Gift Module?

New features of Magento 2 Free Gift.After customers add certain items to the cart, they see a pop-up offering them several products that they can now purchase at a discount. For example, a customer buys a fashionable summer dress from a new collection. A pop-up appears on the screen featuring a pair of sandals with 50% off, sunglasses with $20 off, and a clutch bag for now only $50 instead of $100.

If the product is configurable, like sandals that come in different colors and sizes, customers can specify their choice right on the pop-up.

To add stimuli for your customers to purchase more, we tweaked the pop-up to compare the price before and after discounting, as well as to enable quick adding to the cart.

As customers are free to accept or reject your discount offer, they subconsciously consider it as a reward rather than an advertisement or an attempt to push more products to them. This way, the enhanced Free Gift extension (a) can help you drive sales, (b) allows you to offer valuable products to customers, and at the same (c) saves you from giving away pricey items for nothing.

How to use Free Gift for discounts?

Let’s take an example and configure the new functionality of the Free Gift module together right now. Suppose you sell sportswear and want to offer discounted women’s shorts to the customers that purchase a women’s hoodie. To configure the settings, follow a step-by-step guide below using your own Magento 2 or our free demo.

 For us to be on the same page, steps 1 to 3 show how to configure the settings that you need to explore new functionality. Already know every trick in the book? Go ahead to Step 4!

Step 1. Add a new rule

First, go to Marketing ? Cart Price Rules and click the Add New Rule button in the upper right corner. Now in the Rule information section, specify basic data, including the rule name and description, target customers, dates, coupon info if any, and other. The screenshot below shows how a complete section with rule information can look like:Complete the rule basic information.

Step 2. Set the rule conditions

Now move on to the Conditions section. Here you choose a combination of conditions when your new rule will apply. In our example, we pick If total quantity equals or greater than 1 to ensure the cart has at least one necessary item and Category is 24 to make the rule relevant only to women’s hoodies.

When selecting a subcategory, make sure you don’t mark the category itself (say, women’s clothes).

This is what you should get as a result:

Step 3. Add the rule actions

Now, in the Actions section choose a relevant action (in our case, it’s Auto add promo items with products) and define all parameters: the SKU’s of promo items, their quantity and quantity steps if applicable. In our example, we offer a pair out of three listed shorts per every hoodie a customer purchases. So the configurations look as follows:

Innovations are below. 

Step 4. Set your price for promo items

Finally, you can set at which price your discounted items will be offered. Before the update, you could only offer promo items as gifts. Now, you can set a promo price the way you need it. For this, please, scroll down to the Promo items with discount section. In the Promo items discount field, you have three options:

  • State a fixed price for a promo item (for example, to offer shorts at $20, you put 20 if USD is a default currency).
  • Set a fixed discount for a promo item (for example, to offer shorts with $20 taken off the price, you write “-20” if USD is a default currency).
  • Set a percent discount for a promo item (for example, to offer shorts with 50% off, you state 50%).

In our example, we fill in 50%.

As prices for promo items are likely to differ a lot (remember the case with the summer dress?), you may want to specify a minimal price per a promo item as well. In this case, state a desired figure in the Minimal Price field. Say, you want to offer promo shorts at no less than $20 and their price is $30. With a 50% discount, they should cost $15. If the minimal price applies, the shorts will still sell at $20. This is how enhanced Free Gift helps you control profit and promo campaign ROI.

See below for the screenshot of accurate configurations in our example:

Configure the discount.

Step 5. Save and check the settings on the frontend

Now it’s time to check the rule is active, hit the save button in the upper right corner, and see how the promo pop-up looks for a customer.

After adding a hoodie to the cart, you’ll see a pop-up with three shorts offered at a discount price, as shown below:

Check the pop-up with discounted items.

As you see, now an updated Free Gift pop-up features the price before and after reduction to entice your customers to add promo products to the cart. 

To sum it up

Improved Magento 2 Free Gift gives you more opportunities to create valuable promotions for customers. We highly appreciate your feedback and are looking forward to hearing about your experience with the extension.

If you didn’t have a chance to try Magento 2 Free Gift, feel free to check out our demos and purchase an updated version of the extension at our website.