Hello to Amasty clients and blog readers!

As you know, we have recently celebrated our 9th birthday, and, in this regard, we share the joy with our users and give presents. This time we have decided to implement a whole new approach to our loyalty program.

What are the changes?

#1. First off, we’ve abandoned the idea of unclear points. With our whole new Reward Program, you get real money on your balance in customer account with no need to think of exchange rate and minimum points amount.

#2. Secondly, and, more importantly, from this moment on, there is just one rule. You get $15 for each $100 spent.

What does it take?

Log in ? Start shopping and earn back ? Apply the saved money at the checkout.

Thus, investing in a new Magento functionality you get $15 on your Reward balance. Looking ahead, this means, at your average purchase of 3 extensions (~$520) you get $75 on your balance! And that’s already like getting our Google Invisible reCaptcha for free.

What are we aiming at?

We are striving to build long-term relationships with all our clients. For this purpose, we totally focus on our clients’ objectives and the specifics of each individual business. We are interested in adjusting our solutions to your business needs. Given our range of 230+ extensions, the offer is mutually beneficial, as any functionality you need can be achieved with our products.

Can’t wait to find out the details?