Join the next MageStackDay

Did you participate in the MageStackDay in January? Either way, you should do the next one! An Amasty representative will join the event as well.

What is MageStackDay?

MageStackDay is an online hackathon dedicated to answering, closing and cleaning up questions on, especially regarding Magento 2. The goal of the event to get the answered questions rate up by at least a few percent. The long term goal is keeping the forum healthy and maintained.

MageStackDay infographics

I bet Magento StackExchange is one of your main resources while researching coding related questions. This pure distilled knowledge needs your help to remain so. That’s why the active members of the Magento community have organized regular massive questions answering.

BTW, MageStackDay has recently got a shiny new website, check it out.

What to do on #MageStackDay?

  • Vote on good answers
  • Answer questions you would like and you are able to answer
  • Set up your favorite tags to navigate quickly through the questions. Accept good answers (if your question is answered and satisfies/helped you)
  • Flag inappropriate answers/comments
  • Close questions which do not meet the platform rules and leave a comment for the author, explaining why (for moderators)
  • Connect with other MageStackDay participants via the Slack channel or the #MageStackDay hashtag on Twitter and have fun!

Also, don’t forget to order a MageStackDay sticker or add a badge to your Facebook or Twitter profile to support the event.