Test how well your store sells.

Get to know how many clients you lose due to the gaps in the functionality of your web store.

The Results

#1. You were absolutely right that 93% of shoppers use special promotions annually. Even more so, 50% of customers refuse to make a purchase if the web store doesn’t give a discount. Are you safe from losing customers? Try the Special Promotions module to answer a strong ‘Yes”.

#2. Well, that was a shocking truth that shoppers spend 20% more than the gift card value. What is more shocking, such behavior is typical of 72% of customers. Do you want this 72% to shop with you? Take a closer look at our Gift Card module. Yet, don’t waste too much time on doubts – the holidays are so soon.

#3. Getting your customers do too many steps at the checkout you are likely to lose 27% of customers. Therefore, you seem to have a really good checkout page to keep their involvement. To make it excellent, try our bestseller module, One Step Сheckout. Our clients recommend it.

#4. Not a single shopper leaves your cart without a purchase. Just to give a fact to consider, web stores that don’t use Abandoned Cart Emails are likely to lose 69% of customers. We know you already have follow-up functionality. But just in case it is not that all-inclusive, check this Abandoned Cart Email module.

#5. And now the icing on the cake. Yes, yes, and yes. Shoppers, on average, spend 10 times more in the e-shops that have a loyalty program. In addition, 70% of customers will eagerly share info about such stores in social networks. And that comes as no surprise for you that we have a special module for this purpose, the Loyalty Program extension.

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