At times, it takes a while until a customer finally decides to purchase. They visit and revisit the store, check out the goods, and finally… drift to your competitors. In 69% of cases, customers leave because they have no intent to make a purchase, they’re just browsing.

Is it possible to motivate them to stay? Absolutely! How so? Create a feeling of urgency! No worries, no threats involved, just show your customers that if they fail to make a purchase, they’ll be missing out on something exclusive.

Puzzled? We’ve got a helper here – a special Magento 2 tool for lim-time offers. In the post, we’ll explain how to use it in details.

Limited-time offers: a double-edged marketing tool

Why countdown timers make shoppers go for the purchase? Is it the FOMO only?

Opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited.

In fact, it’s not only the fear to miss something good that motivates shoppers. It’s the antiсipated value.

It works the same way as movie trailers: you see a short clip, grasp your favorite actor, the bulk of the story – and the decision is made.

These scarcity techniques prove efficient. Statista reports that due to them, revenue-per-visitor reached 2.9% in June 2017.

Increase impulse purchases with limited time offers!


Limited-time sales: how to configure them?

Ticking clock can boost sales by up to 50% however you use it – be it a flash sale or a promotion directed at a specific customer group. Still, there are some good practices to follow and make your limited time sales attractive. Below we explore how to configure our module to make your limited-time offers most efficient.

There are 3 main aspects to consider.

#1. Wording

Limited time offer wording should be catchy and concise. Here you can easily use the words and expressions with negative meaning – they will only contribute to creating the feeling of urgency:

Don’t miss it! Only … hours left!
Like in any promotion, calls to action play an important part here, especially those that aim at speeding the shoppers up:
Hurry up! Get your deal on time!
To make the limited time offer, it’s also important to immediately give the customers information they look for:
People tend to buy many gifts for Christmas. You may make the offer more clickable adding the info about shipping bonuses: -10% for in-town deliveries.
 You’ve made sure your text sends the message you want. What’s next? The visual part.

#2. Design & Layout

Our alarm clock shows how many days-hours-minutes and seconds are left until the offer is gone:   product page countdown Our mod offers 6 kinds of ready-made alarm clock templates: alarm clock magento 2 countdown When we speak about the 6 ready-made design options, we don’t mean you have to choose one and stick to it. In fact, you can customize the templates to make them suit your store design. What’s more, you can place them on any page of your store: alarm clock on CMS page It may also be useful to consider the meaning of various colors and the message they send. After all, 92.6% of shoppers claim that a specific color makes their main reason for making a purchase. So you’ve created a catchy alarm clock and it spreads all around your store. What’s next? Timer position.

In many cases, it is just as important as its overall attractive looks. In this regard, our limited time sales module offers generous options as well: timer position

Now the timer is well-designed and located. What’s next? You need to make the products on a flash sale easily reachable.

#3. Reachability

Example. Potential shoppers come to the store, see the bright alarm clock and decide to go for it. And here comes another trouble – they need to search for the products on sale.
Not a very purchase-motivating scenario, is it? Here our Magento 2 module offers some help. You can make the clock clickable – the link will lead directly to the limited time sale. To do so, go to widget options and find the link field: widget settings link

Now your customers won’t need to waste time on browsing for the good they like.

Points to remember

Though flash sales make an efficient marketing strategy, they work best if you keep the following points in mind:

  • Stay truthful. You may be tempted to create fake deadlines to improve sales. Considering this option, weigh it against the possible cons, which are the decreased customer trust and the damaged store reputation. Is it worth it?
  • Don’t go overboard. If you throw such sales too often, the FOMO intensity will be lost. Customers will doubt either the quality of goods (“Why they run sales all the time? Goods must be faulty!”) or your manager skills (“Why is it always the last chance to buy? Can’t they order enough goods?”).

Have you tried limited time sales in your store?

Has it worked well?

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