Hello to Amasty blog readers!

As you may remember, Amasty has been providing a 50% discount for upgrading from M1 to M2 extensions.

It meant that if you had purchased M1 extensions, and there were analogues of them for Magento 2, you could receive the M2 versions with a 50% discount.

From August 23rd, this discount changes. We’re informing you in advance so you can save more on M1 to M2 upgrade before the change.

From August 23rd, the discount for M1 to M2 upgrade will be 20%. It means that if you have purchased M1 extensions, and there are analogues of them for M2, you will be able to receive the M2 versions with a 20% discount.

The reasons we’re reducing the M1 to M2 upgrade discount

We’ve been investing into the M2 extensions development a lot more. Our team consists of developers, QA specialists, product managers and support managers. Each of the department ensures that the extension is relevant for the market and useful for merchants, that it’s built in time and is of high quality, that it is supported, updated and maintained at all times.

We’re delivering not only extensions, but the environment, too. With each extension, you receive free lifetime updates, a thorough user guide and 90 days of support, as well as useful information delivered via our channels.

Hurry up – use the 50% upgrade discount before August, 23rd

If you have been considering a purchase, do it now: the current 50% M1 to M2 upgrade discount will be available for two weeks, after which the discount will be reduced to 20%.

How to upgrade your M1 extensions to M2?

Go to your account, navigate to the Upgrade To Magento 2 tab, where you’ll see all the available upgrade options. Tick the extensions you’d like to upgrade and click the Upgrade button below.

Your account

The corresponding M2 extensions will be added to you cart with a discount.

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