We are pleased to inform you about our new Magento 1 extension – Improved Layered Navigation.

Looking for a Magento 2 clone? Feel free to check Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension.

Show users a clear path from the landing page to the checkout with the Improved Layered Navigation extension. 


 Poor navigation frustrates users and may lead them to abandon your shop. Try this complex  navigation solution to help your visitors find desired products without hassle. Improve your store navigation with advanced filters, category menus, AJAX windows to boost sales and SEO.


Layered Navigation Filters

  • adjust attribute filters to your design and practical needs;
  • allow customers to filter products by multiple attributes, e.g.: price, manufacturer, color, etc.;
  • choose among the variety of display modes for attribute filters;
  • enrich navigation with ‘shop by’ option, e.g.: ‘on sale’, ‘new arrivals’, ‘rating’, ‘stock’.



Vertical and Horizontal Navigation Blocks

  • apply the default display mode for categories;
  • use the dropdown display mode for categories;
  • display categories with subcategories;
  • adopt static two-level tree for categories display.

Shop by Brand

  • decide on single or multiple attributes filters selection;
  • create alphabetic blocks of brands or ‘Featured brand’ pages;
  • use filters with brand logos in navigation block;
  • choose various filter display modes, e.g.: images only, labels and images, dropdowns, etc..

Price Sliders and Other Numeric Filters


  • disable price filter for specific categories;
  • use sliders for other numeric attributes, e.g.: weight, memory size, etc.;
  • set precise price ranges, e.g.: $0,00 – $100,00;
  • choose one of the ‘price’ type attributes modes, e.g.: default, dropdown, from-to only, slider.


AJAX Layered Navigation

  • implement the quick AJAX filtering;
  • update page info fast without reload after applying multiple filters;


  • use the SEO-friendly AJAX mode;
  • save those filter parameters and selected options after the ‘Back’ button is clicked.

Advanced Categories Menu


  • display sub-categories with thumbnails;
  • implement advanced category display options, e.g.: set the number of category levels, allow product Qty display, etc.;


  • allow customers to multiselect categories;
  • choose among various category tree display modes, e.g.: default, dropdown, with sub-categories, etc..

SEO Layered Navigation

  • generate extra short nice-looking brand URLs with canonical structure;
  • add custom meta tags for pages with pre-selected attributes, use ‘noindex’, ‘nofollow’ tags;
  • create SEO-friendly landing pages from filtered results;
  • create additional cross-links uploading product attribute icons that lead to the list of all products.

Advanced features

  • show configurable product images on category pages  in line with user choice;
  • set to display only dependent attributes after a parent attribute is selected;
  • differentiate cache management for attributes.