We are happy to present you our new Magento 1 extension – Stripe Payment.

Manage Stripe payment gateway via your admin panel. Make profit of the multi-currency support and let customers pay with the most popular credit and debit cards. Increase customer loyalty making their payment experience de-risked with 3D secure authentication.

Stripe-Payment-features-magento-1-amastyThe choice of flexible payment gateway is mandatory for e-commerce owners. How to provide customers with safe and user-friendly payment experience? For this, you need to find a fully integrated, global payments platform.

Why have we opted for Stripe? The fast-growing payment platform has a business-friendly pricing model and support in 25 countries, as shown by the fact that it’s utilized by 100.000+ businesses. Our Stripe Payment extension integrates your Magento store with Stripe and allows multi-currency payments via the well-liked credit and debit cards.



  • Manage Stripe payment gateway via the admin panel;
  • Let Apple users pay with Apple Pay on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch;
  • Allow Android users to pay with Google Pay mobile wallet. In this, customers can use any debit or credit card saved in their Google Account, including Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or an Android device;
  • Permit payments by cards via Stripe’s API on your Magento store;
  • Use the Payment Request API to charge customer’s card details information from the browser instead of asking him/her to fill it in the checkout form. Note that the feature is available for your customers only in case they saved the information in Chrome Desktop, Chrome Android or Microsoft Edge browsers;
  • Apply the mobile-friendly payment layout with a card brand auto-detection and animated ‘Pay’ button;
  • Benefit from the multi-currency support: charge customers in any currency converted in your local one (at the best conversion rate);
  • Save all the payment data on the Stripe’s servers to let customers add, remove cards from their account;
  • Accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, Diners Club cards via the Stripe’s API;
  • Implement the 3D secure authentication to reduce fraudulent cards and chargebacks on your website.
  • Make a partial or full refund from your Magento admin panel.