We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Advanced Reports.

Empower your store with the advanced analytics tool. Use the module to gather and process valuable statistical data based on sales, products, customer behavior. Apply the 14 detailed report types. Make use of the informative report dashboard. Apply numerous filters for any report type. Adjust the report graphs and data grid to your needs. Export the reports in any convenient format.


Enhance Magento 2 native report possibilities with the use of the Advanced Reports. Generate precise business forecasts to run a productive marketing strategy. Use the ‘Sales by Category’, ‘Sales by Product’, ‘Used Coupons’ report type to identify your strategy weaknesses and better future marketing campaigns. Add the 14 new report types to default platform functionality and benefit from the received data.




  • Add 14 new report typesSales Overview; Orders Report; Sales by Hour; Sales by Day of Week; Sales by Payment Type, etc.
  • Customize the native reports dashboard. Define time periods for conversion funnel data display, set up time periods for sales overview graphics display. See the bestsellers list for the latest 30-day period. Overview orders statistics. Choose narrow parameters for dashboard display. Apply the quick links to redirect you to a needed report page;
  • Apply flexible settings for the ‘Sales reports’. Use any of the visual types for reports presentation: graphs, diagrams, informative data grids. Filter the reported data by the number of sold products, the total sum paid by customers, by order status (for ‘Orders’ report only);
  • Adjust ‘Customer reports’ to your needs. Define a time period as well as a step interval to see a detailed report;
  • Use three ‘Catalog reports’ types: ‘By Product’, ‘Bestsellers’, ‘By Product Attributes’ (any product attribute can be used for the report type).


  • Export all the report data in CSV and XML formats
  • Select store views (one/multiple) for which report information should be displayed
  • Choose columns with the statistical data, which are to be displayed on the report page

To thoroughly study customer behavior and make prudent business decisions, you need to rely on a deeper analysis of sales-related information.