We are pleased to inform you about our new Magento 2 extension – Customer Segmentation.

With the Customer Segmentation extension, you can divide customers into groups of individuals that are similar in specific characteristics like spending habits and orders, shipping addresses, shopping cart data, etc. In this way, you can make marketing efforts to be better served when they aimed at exact customers.


 The Customer Segmentation module is developed to help you deeper understand and work with your customers’ preferences and needs. Using the solution you’ll manage to divide customers into groups by different parameters and tailor special marketing campaigns for each of them.



  • Create a variety of rules for customers’ segmentation based on website, customer group, gender, first/middle/last name, days from the last visit/registration, days before birthday, emails, many others;
  • Include/exclude any customer attributes to make the rule creation fast and easy;
  • Set the module to generate customer segments automatically according to the chosen rule conditions;
  • Use rules based on shopping cart data (the number of days after cart creation; the number of days after last cart update; cart grand total; the number of items added to cart) to create targeted offers;
  • Update customer segments in bulk manually using the re-indexation option at any time;
  • Apply rules based on multiple order parameters (the number of days after first/last completed order; payment and shipping methods; the number of purchased items) to run direct marketing campaigns;
  • Divide customers by product parameters like the number of viewed products or products added to wishlists;
  • Segment guest customers as well;
  • Create complex segmentation rules by using various conditions combinations;
  • Schedule automatic cron update to run it hourly, two times a day, daily, weekly, or monthly to use relevant information only;
  • Export the segmentation lists to XML/CSV files to use the segments for external marketing campaigns.