We are pleased to inform you about our new Magento 2 extension – Delivery Date.

Let customers choose days and time of delivery and add delivery comments. Decide on the delivery data display on the frontend. Set minimal/maximum delivery intervals and make up a delivery schedule. Point out the days and hours when delivery is unavailable.


The Delivery Date extension will allow you to upgrade the quality of your delivery service. Improve customer loyalty by giving them a possibility to choose delivery dates and exact time periods of orders delivery. Have a proper perspective of your delivery schedule. Think over the specific days and hours when delivery is unavailable. Keep delivery information around by adding it to order-related docs. Inform customers by including it in the follow-up emails.



  • Let customers choose delivery date and time right on the checkout page. Allow them to leave comments to a delivery person concerning the order. Achieve it without adding odd pages or reloading processes added to the checkout;
  • Remove days and hours from the available delivery dates: working days, any dates, date intervals, time intervals. Indicate all the unavailable dates on the delivery calendar. Keep the information about products delivery updated;
  • Set up delivery intervals between the order and delivery date in line with your needs right in the backend. Choose  extra days coming from the supposed shipping date. Specify by which time an order needs to be placed if a client wants to receive it on the date of order;
  • Decide on a minimal delivery interval for products with specific size, weight, stock location;
  • Offer a range of time intervals for a delivery. Set them up manually or automatically and make the variations for different store views;
  • Let customers edit the delivery date after the order is placed but before shipping. Set up the lockdown period and order status that enables the editing;
  • Keep customers informed of the future delivery. Choose an email template and a period of time for its dispatch.


  • Set up a delivery limit per day
  • Select where to display delivery data on the frontend
  • Alter delivery date and time formats
  • Add delivery comments to timely notify customers