We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Elastic Search.

Add a precise and incisive search engine to your store. Let users benefit from partial search by any data type. Offer autocomplete suggestions and spelling corrections, as well as multilingual search, to make the process smooth.


Accuracy and speed are two factors primarily responsible for users satisfaction with a search process. The closer the search results will bring them to elements matching the focus of their query, the faster they’ll decide on the purchase. With the Elastic Search extension, you’ll optimize your search performance, accelerate the catalog layered navigation and index numerous products simultaneously.



  • Use the advanced auto-complete window and a wildcard partial search to anticipate users’ potential queries;
  • Avail of the spell corrections feature to avoid no-result pages caused by misspellings;
  • Create a synonyms core with alternative product names to make sure customers will find the desired products;
  • Define stop words and exclude them from the search results;
  • Point out the search types for each product attribute (SKU, name, description) to allow searches with autosuggestions and autocorrections;
  • Use the ‘Boolean Operator’ setting to specify how the keywords are combined for each product attribute;
  • Define search weight for product attributes, which is applied to the search algorithm, to give your users more precise results;
  • Let your visitors know about the current trends showing a ‘Recent and Popular Searches’ section in the pop-up;
  • Provide users with categories, CMS, and landing pages links in the pop-up to direct them right to the desired product;
  • Benefit from the multilingual support allowing your visitors to search in their native language;
  • Customize and adjust the settings to your business needs with the developer-friendly extension.



  • Mobile First
  • ‘More products’ button
  • ‘Add to cart’ button and product reviews display
  • Adjustable auto-complete window layout
  • Improved Sorting, Parts Finder compatibility
  • One-search-result redirects to the product page
  • Fallback search with alternative results when 0 is found
  • Redirecting broken URLs to search results
  • Elastic Search Engine 5.x and 6.x support