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Installing Magento extensions is a hard nut to crack, especially in case you don’t have a Magento specialist around. So to help our customers, we provide a special installation service.

The service allows you to chill while we work on a proper extensions installation.

Today we’ll show you the way the whole process works and explain why it’s safe.

So there we go.


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What is the installation service?

It’s a service that you can get at Amasty. Make a purchase, and we’ll install extensions at your store ourselves. Here’s how it works:installation service process

Our support team install extensions professionally and continuously master their skills. They are aware of the issues that may happen during the installation and know how to solve them.

If they find out that installation may affect your store performance due to incompatibilities with 3rd party extensions or themes, they will discuss it with you.

Another cool thing about our installation service — at a time, we install any number of extensions you’ve purchased.

You bought 3 extensions with a free installation service (on promotion) yesterday.  A month ago, you bought 4 extensions but haven’t installed them yet.

We will install 7 extensions at a time if you wish.

Or you may want to install 5 extensions today and 2 extensions later.

We’ll install 5 extensions at a time.

But you’ll need to get another installation service to install the 2 remaining extensions.

Module installing in Magento 2: customers’ concerns

Ordering Magento 2 module installation, customers tend to have some concerns. Below we present the most popular ones to dispel your doubts. 

I’ve bought the service. What’s next?

Right after the purchase we will create a ticket in the support system and notify you immediately by email. In the email you’ll find a link to the ticket.magento 2 mod installation email

In the ticket, there will be short instructions on how to let us install extensions. Follow them, and soon we will set the plugins up.

 If you prefer not to install extensions right after the purchase, just ignore the ticket. When the right time comes, open it and follow the instructions.

If you can’t find the ticket afterwards — create a new one. We’ll send instructions there.

In the instructions, you want me to share the store credentials. Is it safe?

It is. We ask you to send credentials through our special service.

All the data inside it is encrypted. So, no one but us can understand it. To ensure enhanced security, we’ve also made it impossible to access its data from outside of our office.

secure custom tool

The service is basically a form. There we ask your Magento admin URL, Login and Password to access the backend.

To upload the module files to your server, we need either FTP or SSH details: hostname, port, Login and Password.

Our Magento 2 extension installation process usually takes 3−4 hours once the credentials are provided to us. But bear in mind that it can take us up to 1−2 business days to get back to you due to possible time zone differences.

Should I prepare the store for installation?

It is mandatory (and secure) to create a backup of your site before we start working on the installation.

It would also be great if you make sure that your Magento performs correctly. If it doesn’t — let us know in the ticket.

An afterword

Magento platform is flexible and user-friendly provided that you have enough programming skills to employ its powers in full. In case you’re not that tech-savvy, it’s better to go to Magento professionals. In many cases, proper Magento plugin installation ensures seamless operation of the whole store. It also saves a lot of time and effort you can dedicate to other store management efforts, such as improving the maketing stategy, running sales and promotions, or planning other store enhancements. 

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