We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Extra Fee.

Create a limitless number of additional customer services and extra fees for them. Display the information on the cart and checkout pages. Let your clients choose necessary fee options before completing the purchase. Display fees based on payment, shipping methods, products subselection and cart attributes. Apply percent and fixed price fee types. Customize the fee options for different store views.


With the Extra Fee extension, you’ll manage to offer more services for extra fees in your Magento 2 store. Display the list of all the additional services and relevant fees before a customer completes the purchase. Widen your service list, stand out against competitors and boost sales.



  • Create a limitless number of extra fees;
  • Insert fee blocks to cart and checkout pages;
  • Apply flexible conditions to extra fees display. Generate payment fees based on numerous conditions and their combinations. Apply cart/product attributes to tune fees display. E.g.: charge certain taxes for definite products based on SKU condition;
  • Select the base for fees calculation. Include/exclude shipping amount, discounts, taxes. Apply the feature to all fees by default or set custom calculation parameters for a definite rule;
  • Choose the extra fees price type. Decide on either a fixed price or a percent fee type. E.g.: a flat amount tax like $20 as well as a definite percent from the cart subtotal or an automatically calculated percent for each fee option;
  • Make use of three (3) input types for fee options: dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes;
  • Adjust fee options for different store views. Choose store views and customer groups for which to display the extra services with fees. Customize the fee options. E.g.: translate the fee blocks descriptions and options into the language of each particular store view;
  • Add extra fees to purchases created in the Admin Panel. This will help you meet customers’ needs. Add extra services even after a customer’s order has been applied and recalculate the final cost.