We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – GDPR.

Collect and process customer data in line with GDPR. Use convenient grids to manage customers’ consents and requests to delete personal data, as well as to send notifications about privacy policy updates. Enable customers to download, anonymize, and request to delete their personal info.

  The features of the Magento 2 GDPR extension.

The EU’s GDPR is now in action and affects not only European businesses, but every online merchant that sells products in the EU.

Thus, if your US company offers goods or services to EU citizens, you are bound to the new regulations. Today EU customers need to give you a clear consent for processing their personal data. What’s more, the individuals are granted a right to access the information gathered from them, to request to delete or anonymize it.

This Magento 2 extension will help you meet new requirements with less effort. Hit both targets with one tool: deal with customers’ consents and enable shoppers to manage their personal data.



  • Create, update, and manage versions of your privacy policy (policies) to meet GDPR requirements;
  • Add the Privacy Policy checkbox to the registration and checkout pages to ask for consent when customers expect it;
  • Use two backend grids to track and manage acceptance of the Privacy Policy: view customers by the accepted policy version and request a consent via email;
  • Update customers about changes in the Privacy Policy via mass mailing;
  • Export data of the customers that gave their consent for personal data processing;
  • Give customers full control over their personal data: let them easily export a CSV file with personal info, anonymize data, and request to delete the account;
  • Manage delete order requests on a handy grid