Magento 2 Module Creator - create extension templates on the go

To speed up your Magento 2 development, we created a tool that generates Magento 2 module prototypes based on company name and module name.

When do you need Magento 2 Module Creator?

First of all, this tool was created to minimize manual efforts when creating a new Magento extension. As we know, laziness is the mother of invention, and a lazy developer always creates tools to simplify the coding process. This module creator saves your time, because you don’t have to create all the initial files and folders manually.

What is more, if you’re just starting with Magento 2, you can generate a template with this tool and investigate the standard structure of a Magento 2 extension.

Module components

  • Items Model is used for creating, editing or deleting module items.
  • Cron Model is used for implementing various cron options.
  • Block and Controller Adminhtml/Items are used for displaying the elements of the Item collection in admin panel.

How to contribute to the project

Contribute your own updates to that project and help us to improve Magento 2 Module online creator. Please mind that this article is outdated, and we do not bear any responsibility for the tool usefulness. In case you have any questions, please contact us via