We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – RMA.

Take full control of the RMA process to maintain customer loyalty. Ensure seamless request submission without duplicates. Maintain ongoing communication. Give admins advanced options to manage requests efficiently.

The features of the Magento 2 RMA extension.

A product return can be harmless to customer loyalty if you recycle dissatisfaction with proper service. The Magento 2 RMA module will help you mitigate negative feelings of customers with easy request submission, constant awareness of the resolution process, and convenient ways of communication with your staff.

Admins will unlock a complete set of tools for managing product returns – from setting new request notifications to tracking issues history.



  • Enable guest RMA requests to make it convenient to submit a ticket without registration;
  • Use localization of the RMA module features (custom email templates and status labels) to approach every customer in their language;
  • Give flexibility of returns. Let customers claim a refund only for selected products from an order or bundle;
  • Wrap custom fields in an intuitive request web form to get maximum information about a product issue in a structured and handy way for customers;
  • Generate printable shipping labels on demand;
  • Define your RMA policy and rules (return periods, limits of file attachments, etc.)
  • Extend the range of possible refund types and resolutions to offer customers more convenient options;
  • Create RMA requests from the backend to assist certain customers in the resolution of their issues;
  • Prevent duplication of RMA requests by banning refunds for the same products of an order;
  • Ensure non-stop communication (automatic confirmation messages, status notifications, admin alerts, emails);
  • Track RMA requests in the Magento 2 backend and in the returns tab of a customer account.