We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Sales Reps and Dealers.
Use Sales Reps and Dealers to manage your team work and audit the efficiency. Apply a case-by-case approach to each of your clients by assigning them to personal dealers. Show dealers information on the frontend and see the orders appointed to each dealer in the backend. Coordinate sales reps work by using email notifications.


With Magento 2 Sales Reps and Dealers, you’ll establish a smooth workflow between you, your customers, and dealers. Easily control and manage the work with your dealers’ network. Check and coordinate sales representatives without tireless efforts. Use email dispatch to coordinate sales representatives and assign customers to personal dealers. Offer your clients a better shopping experience.



  • Allow customers to choose dealers during the registration. Later sales representatives can be changed in the customer account;
  • Show a block with information about dealers on the frontend. Let your clients know the sales reps;
  • Assign sales dealers to certain customer groups to let them add customers and edit only the group orders;
  • Use the ‘Dealer’ column on the Order grid to monitor sales and your dealers’ performance;
  • Improve sales reps’ opportunities. Let dealers not only view and edit customers, but also see the placed orders, assign the orders to other dealers, add new customers from the backend and receive order email copies;
  • Use available email templates or customize them to notify sales reps of new orders that need processing and tell customers who will manage the orders;
  • Enable email notifications dispatch when dealers are changed. Let old and new dealers know about the reassignment;
  • Easily shift dealers between orders if needed;
  • Make sure all orders are processed correctly by assigning orders created by dealers to a definite customer group only. The feature is of a high use in case a product price value depends on a customer group;
  • Change a dealer for a customer on the Edit Customer page in the `Personal Information` field.