Please meet the new extension from Amasty – Magento 2 Special Occasion Coupons.

Create coupons guided by multiple events and send the promo codes to your customers automatically. Set up the preferred dispatch date and the expiry period for the coupon types. Apply the available email templates or adjust them to the needs of an email campaign. Keep your promo code base clean by enabling an automatic removal of all the unused codes.


With the Special Occasion Coupons for Magento 2, you will please your customers with personalized coupons and promo codes attached to birthdays, newsletter subscriptions, etc. emails. Make your email campaigns stand out to build customers loyalty and not to get flagged as spam. Create customized coupons and email templates, dispatch them at a specified time period and save your promo code base clean and updated.



  • Generate and send coupons of numerous types based on various occasions;
  • Surprise customers with special promo codes and warm wishes sent for their birthdays;
  • Motivate users to subscribe to newsletters by offering special coupons;
  • Increase average order value by sending a discount promo code once a customer got registered. Add coupons to the customer Registration Subscription template email by inserting: {{var customer.getCoupon()}}. Dispatch also ‘One more year with us’ promo coupons;
  • Use wishlists to push customers over to new purchases. Once a product is added to the wishlist send an email with a discount coupon;
  • Send emails with unique promo codes to customers who just ordered products from your store. Use the special occasion coupons also to revive customers activity;
  • Set up coupons dispatch:
    • a sending time period after the event;
    • a unique email template for each coupon type;
    • a discount type and amount; an expiry period;
    • the limit for coupon uses;
    • availability for various customer groups;
    • a minimal order subtotal;
  • Decide if to use the predefined email templates or customize the templates for each coupon type.


  • Define the time period after which the expired coupon codes will be deleted
  • You can set all these options per store view and website