We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Visual Merchandiser.

Unlock quick and easy catalog customization with drag-and-drop actions. Create flexible landings to be relevant to different customer groups. Draw shoppers’ attention to star products and put unavailable items to the bottom. Get 6 quick sorting options.

 Magento 2 Visual Merchandiser features

Done with time-consuming and complex Magento 2 catalog configurations? With Visual Merchandiser, you can save time on customizing your product listings and make the whole process intuitive.

The extension allows you to sort products from the catalog page view, so you can see all the changes the moment you make them. All you need to tweak your product listing in a few minutes is to turn on the Manual Sorting mode. As you create several landings, don’t worry about accurate indexing: the extension takes this into account as well.



  • Organize catalog products via drag-and-drop to quickly put products in the right places;
  • Move products to the top of the list in one click using the product container link;
  • Pin products to particular places to make sure your bestsellers always attract shoppers’ attention;
  • Use 6 sorting options to arrange items in a product listing (name (ascending/descending), price (ascending/descending), stock availability, newest first);
  • Enable price-based sorting in the descending or ascending mode to optimize the sales of your products;
  • Show out-of-stock items at the end of the list to generate customers’ interest in the items you have;
  • Apply attribute-based conditions to deal with groups of products without manually assigning them to categories.
  • Create virtual categories with automatic product refreshment. Configure conditions based on the attributes to show the needed products only.