Magento A/B Testing - new Amasty extension

Several weeks ago we released an article on basic A/B testing mechanism for Magento. But Amasty team didn’t stop there and created a Magento extension for convenient split testing. Meet the tool that hides enormous possibilities for your Magento store: Magento A/B testing.

Easily run numerous split and multivariate tests based on different product parameters. Test page design elements and gather important statistical data to improve your product pages accordingly.

Why do you need Magento A/B testing extension?

A/B testing is a very important part of any e-commerce marketing campaign. Why? As simple as that: the right and appropriate series of tests could ridiculously increase your conversion rates. Here are average e-commerce conversion rates for 2014/2015:

Average e-commerce conversion rates

If your conversion rates are lower than these numbers, you should start A/B tests on your Magento store right now to increase revenue in a couple of months.

Having the same numbers? They are average, remember? Successful shops can boast of conversions higher than 5%. Before you start counting the money you can get, let me introduce you the tool!

Magento A/B Testing main features

Magento A/B testing extension features

1. Run split or multivariate tests for product pages

Magento A/B test extension

2. Get precise results based on proven formulae

All the results are carefully counted based on ideas of normal (Gaussian) distribution and mathematical statistics.

3. Numerous A/B test settings:

  • test one or several attributes
  • choose one of 4 goals for conversion
  • test product page design
  • use custom CSS override to test design of page elements
  • test one or several products at once

4. Easily apply winner data to products

In case of testing one product per experiment, you can apply the winner variation changes to the product with a single click.

Copy winner data to product

5. Manage experiment duration

Stop the experiment manually or save time by specifying settings for experiment autocomplete.

A/B Test autocomplete settings

6. Simple and intuitive reports

Magento A/B Testing reports

Advantages of Magento A/B Testing extension from Amasty

  • minimal loss of sales during experiments

The extension carefully adjusts the algorithm: the winning variation will show up more frequently so you don’t lose sales, but still keeping the ratio healthy for valid results.

  • email notifications about test completions

Specify this setting only once and save time  – no need for checking the experiments every day!

Notifications about A/B test completion

  • safe SEO settings and precise results

Hide duplicate content from indexing to prevent SEO issues and exclude admin IPs for precise results.

SEO settings for safe A/B testing

  • real time results

Magento split testing extension is designed to show real time results – you see what’s happening while the experiment is still on.

Real time results for A/B testing in Magento

  • fast and easy

No need to integrate with Google Analytics or other tools, no coding required, automatic creation of variation pages saves your time.

⇒ unlimited experiments
⇒ unlimited number of products per experiment
⇒ up to 10 variations per experiment