Magento Admin Bookmarks

We created one more tool for saving time and creating the effective backend workflow – Magento Admin Bookmarks.

Create bookmarks for frequently used backend pages to implement an efficient admin navigation.

Magento Admin Bookmarks features

Why do you need an extension for bookmarking pages in backend?

Saving time everywhere you can is very important! In business world, time is money. That’s why we continue to develop extensions that make Magento backend faster and more user-focused. Now you can reach the pages you often use in less time.

Magento Admin Bookmarks features

Quick links to any page

Create quick links to any page you need to access fast. The links are saved at the top of your backend.

Magento Admin Bookmarks Settings

Flexible bookmarking

The extension helps your navigation by letting you pinning:

  •  any type of pages (customer, order, CMS or product pages). Change the bookmark name if you want!
  • pages with filtered data. Now you don’t need to apply filters each time you visit the page. This feature is extremely useful if you or your managers are constantly working with certain segments or groups of entities.

Magento Admin Bookmarks - saved pages with filtered data

  • pages for different store views. As with filters, you just choose the store view you need and save the bookmark. Next time you open the pinned page, it will show you data for the store view you’ve chosen before.
Private or shared admin bookmarks for Magento

The bookmarks can be saved for each user separately. Thus, each of the store managers can create their own bookmarks according to their areas of responsibility.

Admin bookmarks can be shared among users. With this option enabled, all users will see the same list of all created bookmarks.