Magento server administration services

Hello, Amasty blog readers! A couple of days ago we published an interview with Amasty system administrator Andrew, mentioning the new services Amasty offers to Magento users. Today we’re going into details on how you can take care of your Magento store with Amasty.

Magento security patches installation


Magento releases security patches regularly, normally as soon as they find holes or threats to the system. To protect your Magento store from hacking or data loss, it’s important to apply security patches right after they are released.

When are Magento security patches needed to be installed?

  • Right after you see the ‘immediately install Magento critical security patches’  notification in your admin panel
  • As soon as you see any official news about the patches released

What will Amasty do?

  • We will install the necessary Magento security patches correctly. It means that the patches will be applied in the right way, without hurting your store’s performance or availability.
  • All the files that should be updated are backed up to prevent any losses.
  • Some patches have certain peculiarities when it comes to applying. We’ll also inform you about the things you should take into consideration for further website usage.

No more worries about Magento patch installations. We’ll make your store safe again in no time!

Magento migration services

Magento mirgation services

When do you need to move your Magento shop to another server?

  •  When you’re not satisfied with the current server services, prices, or performance
  • When your Magento shop needs to be moved to a more powerful server or a server with more features available
  • When there are some technical issues with your current server which influence the site’s performance

What will Amasty do?

  • We will configure your new hosting before moving the shop
  • We will backup and transfer your database and Magento store files to the new server
  • We will stop your site on the old server and run it on the new one with minimal downtime

We understand that site availability costs you money every hour, every minute. Therefore our system administrators will move Magento to another server and minimize the downtime to the lowest period possible.

Magento server configuration services

Magento server configiration services

When do you need to configure your Magento server?

  • When you’re moving to a new server
  • When you’re starting your Magento project from scratch
  • When you want to save time and entrust the process to professionals

What will Amasty do?

  • We will configure your Magento server the best way according to our expertise
  • We will answer all your questions about your Magento server configuration
  • We’ll make sure the configuration is the best for excellent Magento performance and speed at the chosen server

Don’t waste your time on learning Magento server configuration and experimenting with the best settings. We’ll do this job quickly and professionally!

 Magento server optimization services

Magento server optimization services

When do you need to optimize your Magento server?

  • When you want your store to work faster and to improve its performance
  • When you feel that your server capacities aren’t used to its most
  • When you have troubles with your Magento store performance, speed and availability

What will Amasty do?

  • We carefully analyze the current state of your server
  • We install and configure the required software
  • We choose the best combination of settings to reach the most of Magento performance and speed

We know what we’re doing! Amasty specialists will optimize you Magento hosting, getting you to the highest level of Magento performance and speed available on your server.