New Magento extension - Advanced Customer Segments

Please meet a new Amasty extension – Advanced Customer Segments.

Segment your customers and guest visitors by various parameters. Export segmentation results for careful analysis and take advantage of targeted marketing campaigns.

New Magento Extension - Advanced Customer Segments

Why do you need customer segmentation features on your Magento store?

The rule is simple: the closer your offer is to customer’s needs, the more chances he will spend money. As it’s almost impossible to create an offer that will suit everyone, marketers segment customers into groups by different criteria, which help to define their needs better.

Advanced Customer Segments helps you to segment customers by a vast number of criteria, making your marketing campaigns targeted, which increases conversions and brings you more sales.

Main Features

Magento customer segmentation based on various parameters

Arrange customers into groups based on:

  • customer info, including:
    • The number of days from the last visit;
    • The number of days from the registration;
    • Newsletter subscription;
    • Customer group;
    • Store view where customer registered;
    • The number of days before birthday;
    • Date of birth;
    • Email;
    • Gender;
    • First/last/middle name;
Magento Customer Segmentation based on customer info
  • shopping cart data
    • The number of days passed from cart creation;
    • The number of days passed from last cart modification;
    • Cart grand total;
    • Products count (the number of products added to shopping cart);
Magento Customer segmentation based on shopping cart info
  • order parameters
    • The number of days passed form first completed order;
    • The number of days passed form last completed order;
    • Payment method;
    • Shipping method;
    • The number of orders made by a customer plus additional product attributes;
    • The total number of products ordered by a customer plus additional product attributes;
    • Total sales amount;
    • Average order value;
Magento customer segments based on order info
  • shipping and billing address
    • Billing email, state, city, country and a zip code;
    • Shipping state, city, country, zip code;
Magento customer segments based on address
  • products
    • the number of viewed products
    • the number of products, added to wishlists
    • additional product attributes
Magento customer segmentation based on product attributes

 Complex customer segmentation rules

Combine various segmentation rules to create customer groups with more precise description and use them for highly targeted campaigns.

Complex rules for Magento segmentation

Segment both registered customers and guest visitors

Segments formed by rules based on order and cart information will contain not only registered customers, but also guests.

Export Magento customer segments

Export Magento customer segments

Get segments updated on schedule using cron

Update Magento customer segments with cron

Manual segments update feature

You can manually reindex customer segments before any marketing activities, for example, before sending an email campaign. By default re-indexaxtion is run by cron once a day.

Reindex Magento customer segments

Works great with other Amasty extensions

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