Magento Advanced reports - new Amasty extension

Please meet the new Magento extension from Amasty – Advanced Reports.

Equip your store with a powerful analytics tool. Use various report types to collect and process important sales information. Study customer demand, evaluate the success of implemented strategies and make firm sales predictions.

Why do you need Magento reports extension?

For a perfect sales and stock strategy, you need detailed information about how your store has been performing. Information about sales by time period or product, data about bestsellers, sales distribution by country, stats about orders with coupons, and more allow you to base your decisions on facts and improve your revenue.

Magento Advanced Reports features

Types of reports available in Magento Advanced Reports

  • Advanced Sales Report
  • Sales by Product Report
  • Sales by Weekday
  • Sales by Hour
  • Sales by Coupon Code
  • Profit Report
  • Country Report
  • New vs. Returning Customers Report
  • Bestsellers Report

Magento advanced reports - coupon report

See the example of a report

Get precise data about your sales

Fine tune your Magento reports with numerous settings, such as time interval, store view, order status, and more:

Magento Advanced Reports Main settings

Visual charts

This report extension has lots of visual charts and diagrams so you could easily evaluate the data and single out the trends:

Magento Advanced Reports: visual charts for reports

Compare results by time period

To quickly notice the changes of the figures, make use of results comparison by time period.

Magento Advanced Reports - Comparison Graphs

Custom formula for profit reports

This advanced feature lets you control your earnings and expenses and calculate your profit on various stages and according to store specifics, for example, see the numbers before or after taxes, paying the shipping company, and such.

Magento profit formula

Additional features of Magento Advanced Reports extension:

  • export reports to various formats
  • use settings to customize visual graphs to get the data you need
  • use day, month, year as time steps for profit reports
  • customize bestsellers report setting the number of products for the report and by the product type
  • create unlimited number of custom Magento reports based on the initial report types. Use them to access the specified data fast and easy!