Customer Group CatalogNeed a quality tool to easily optimize your catalog visibility? Don’t know how to adjust your product pages to your local legal standards? The new Customer Group Catalog extension by Amasty will quickly solve all these issues. With this module you can easily restrict the display of certain products and categories for different customer groups redirecting your clients either to the 404 error page or any CMS page.

By demonstrating to customers the appropriate CMS pages with relevant content you will not only avoid any legal problems, but get a wonderful opportunity to manage your wholesalers and retailers as well.

Easily regulate your products visibility

Forget about any legal issues and provide your customers with the product list created according to your local law. Hide selected store items and categories from certain groups of clients and demonstrate them only to appropriate customer groups.

cms-pageThis tool lets you not just to restrict products or product categories, but also perform other actions like redirect to the 404 error page or other CMS pages. For example, you can motivate your visitors to log in to your online store by telling them that the products they want to buy are available only to registered clients. You can also convert your retail consumers into wholesalers by informing them that the products they want to purchase are available only to wholesalers.

By incentivizing consumers to take the steps you need, you can visibly increase the number of loyal customers and boost your conversions in the shortest time possible.

Take advantage of the whole range of the module features:

  • Ability to hide category and product links from certain groups of clients. At the same time you can provide direct links to these products or categories if needed.
  • Hide “buy” and “add to cart” buttons or replace them with the appropriate CMS blocks.
  • Remove product prices and show other CMS blocks instead of them. For instance, you can display the “Call for price” block.

Of course, this is not a complete list of the options the extension offers. To find out more about Customer Group Catalog and view the user guide and a live demo please visit the official extension page. Feel free to ask any questions!