Magento Edit Lock - new Amasty extension

Please meet the new tool for your Magento store – Edit Lock extension.

Lock your backend tabs and pages to prevent them from being edited by multiple admin users simultaneously in order not to lose important store data. Effectively manage the work of admin users and increase their productivity.

Why do you need this extension?

If your store is managed by several employees, you probably faced the issue of editing the same page by two or more people simultaneously. When several people are editing the same page, the changed data could be easily lost as each manager saves his own version. To prevent data and time loss and to eliminate coordination efforts, we created a tool for locking pages when they are edited.

Magento Edit Lock features

Main features

Lock certain pages from editing

When you’re editing a page, lock it down so no one can edit and save it while you’re working. Other users will be able to see the page and to navigate through tabs, but they won’t be able to edit and save.

The following pages are available for locking:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Product Attributes
  • Shopping cart price rules
  • CMS pages
  • CMS blocks
See who’s editing right now

See which pages are being edited right now. The extension also shows admin user names who are editing the pages.

Magento Edit Lock features

Specify max edit lock time

Set the maximal edit lock time. The lock can be removed if some of the managers finished working with the page but forgot to close (and unlock) it.

Additional features
  •  When creating custom roles for admin users, you can enable some of them to decline the edit lock option. These users will be able to remove the edit lock whenever they need to.
  • If you don’t want some of admin users to take advantage of the edit lock feature on your Magento store, disable the lock option for them as well.

Custom roles - Edit Lock