Magento Event Tickets - new Amasty extension

Please meet the new Magento extension – Event Tickets. With the help of this module you’ll be able to sell tickets for conferences, exhibitions, training and any event you’re conducting.

Let store visitors book tickets for different events in a couple of clicks. Easily send reminder emails, track purchased tickets and registered attendees in the admin panel.

Magento ticket system features

Why do I need this extension?

If you need to sell tickets for an event you organize, or if you want to set up a site to sell tickets, Magento Event Tickets is a great way to do that. There are various third-party solutions that you can buy or embed into your platform for selling tickets, but they usually ask for a subscription, and you will need to have time to implement them and money to pay monthly.

This extension lets you sell tickets without integrating with other services, all you need is your Magento installation. The extension sells tickets as simple, downloadable and virtual products.

Main features

Create numerous  custom event pages

sell event tickets as products. Magento ticket extension turns simple, downloadable and virtual products into tickets for events.

display the start/end time of the event for your customers convenience: they shouldn’t dig into description to know when it happens:

Display time and date for Magento tickets

– choose base price and display ticket types as custom options – as many as you want:

Add custom options as Magento ticket types

customize registration forms available on the shopping cart page to get the information you need to know about the visitors. Build forms from various field types fast and easy!

Custom registration fields

Create and manage tickets on your Magento store

– let people buy tickets or register attendees from backend:

Create new order for Magento tickets

– let people order several tickets and fill in the registration forms for each attendee:

Buy several tickets on Magento

– track ticket orders, as well as visitors, which have registered for the event. You can also export attendees information for your convenience:

Magento event tickets and orders

Additional features

  • Don’t forget to install Magento Custom Stock Status to display how many tickets are left and to create a sense of emergency! This is also crucial for selling event tickets on your Magento store, because the number of tickets is always finite and you have to inform the customers about that.

Magento Custom Stock Status used for Magento Event Tickets

  • Send notifications about upcoming events, so the attendees won’t forget about showing up!

Magento event tickets reminder

  • Magento Event Tickets extension is compatible with all Amasty extensions for gift wrapping, backorders, and other modules that enhance product impressions.