Magento events in spring and summer

Amasty team has already started to prepare for Meet Magento Belarus 2015, which will take place in Minsk, September 21. And while we are brainstorming to make this event even better than the last year one, here’s a quick read on upcoming Magento events that’ll take place in spring-summer 2015.

1. Imagine Commerce 2015

Magento Imagine 2015
When: April 20-22
Where: Las Vegas
Imagine Commerce 2015 is the premier Magento and eBay Enterprise commerce conference. In 2015 this event brings together 2,400+ commerce experts from merchants, agencies and technology providers across 40+ countries to network, exchange ideas and build relationships. Imagine Commerce 2015 offers an opportunity for senior executives, marketers, developers, merchandisers and commerce visionaries from leading merchants of all sizes, web design agencies, system integrators and technology innovators to collaborate and share the latest inspirations, technologies, and strategies transforming commerce.

2. Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2015

Pre-Imagine Hackathon
When: April 18-19
Where: Las Vegas
If you are a Magento Developer coming to Las Vegas for the Magento Imagine conference, you may want to register for this hackathon. This is meant to be a fun event for developers to get together, enjoy food, drink and coding on those projects that are most interesting to you.

3. FireGento Hackathon for Magento Developers before Meet Magento Germany

When: May 9-10
Where: Leipzig
The FireGento Hackathon for Magento Developers will take place in May in the Spizz, Leipzig Center. An international meeting for new and nosey, as well as for experienced and committed Magento developers. And right before the Meet Magento!

4. Meet Magento Germany

Meet Magento Germany
When: May 11-12
Where: Leipzig
2-day conference is all about the Internet trade area, industry specifics, Magento platform penetration, possible development of it and – which is obvious – e-shops development.  Developers, project managers, e-shop owners, R&D specialists, eCommerce services providers are going to meet soon at Meet Magento Germany. The meeting will be buzzing, intense and full of innovation.

Some of our team members are going to visit Meet Magento Germany, so we’ll talk more about this event in the nearest future.

5. Meet Magento NL Hackathon

Meet Magento NL Hackathon
When: May 29
Where: Not specified
There’s no exact place or topic yet, but we’re sure the information will appear in the next few weeks. Still, the date is available and you can contact the organizers for more information about the event.

6. Meet Magento Netherlands

Meet Magento NL
When: May 27-28
Where: Utrecht
On May 27th, there will be sessions (in Dutch and English) focused on Magento itself: people who are looking into Magento as their E-commerce platform and/or are interested in Magento Enterprise and a solution partner to help them with that. On May 28th, there will be sessions (in Dutch and English) focused on everything surrounding Magento with many industry partners, marketing stories and extensions.

Important for you as a non-Dutch speaking person to know: not all sessions are in English, but many are.

7. MagentoLive UK 2015

MagentoLive UK
When: June 22-23
Where: London
With a 25% jump in attendance, MagentoLive UK 2014 brought together nearly 700 retailers, partners, and developers and reflected Magento’s fantastic momentum and growth in the region. The next event is going to be even more promising.

8. Magento Meetups

Magento meetups

You should definitely search for Magento communities in your city! For example, there will be a nice Magento event in Rotterdam (NL) on April 29th.

Know about an event which is not on the list? Please share the information in comments, and we will update the article.
Are you going to visit any of these Magento events?