Magento co-founder and CTO Yoav Kutner has for the first time publicly commented on his departure from eBay (“eBay Doesn’t Understand The Meaning Of Open“):

“As for why he left, Kutner says the execs that coordinated the deal at eBay and PayPal were no longer with the company, and the vision of why to buy Magento and what to do with it was lost when they left. “I’m hopeful they will figure it out,” he added.”
At the same time Yoav Kutner left, X.Commerce CTO Neal Sample also left eBay/PayPal (German).
Auctionbytes has also reported that eBay wants to close its Open Platform Program, one of the last exciting eBay initiatives that we at Exciting Commerce have been reporting on from the start. See “eBay Launches First Open Social Applications” and “How Open Can eBay get?”.