Magento HTML Site Map: new Amasty extension

Welcome Amasty blog readers!

We’re in a hurry to announce a new Magento extension – HTML SiteMap. Let’s dig into what it can do for your website.

Magento HTML Site Map main features

HTML Sitemap main features

1. Sitemap useful for SEO and usability

HTML Sitemap generator automatically collects all Magento shop pages in one place, replacing the default Magento sitemap by 301 redirect. Don’t you even dare to edit your sitemap manually!

Magento HTML Site Map: example

2. Manage your sitemap look&feel

Magento Sitemap extension allows you to customize the look of your sitemap page. You can:

  • specify the number of columns:

Magento HTML SIte Map: number of columns

  • specify the look of each site map block, including List/Tree display, number of columns, splitting by first letter, and more:

Magento HTML Site Map: display settings

Note: to add landing pages and display them on the sitemap page, please install Magento Landing Pages extension.

  • add any additional links you want to be present on the sitemap page:

Magento HTML Site Map: additional links

3. Specify meta information for your sitemap

With this extension you’ll be able to add a unique title, description and specify a short URL for your Magento sitemap.

Why do I need an HTML sitemap? Is it different from XML site map?

Yes, an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap are different things, though serving for similar purposes. Both XML and HTML sitemaps are working great for your SEO: they make your website indexation faster and easier as they provide all the links to your website so search engines can crawl them and add to the index.

Here’s a video by Matt Cutts, the head of Google webspam team, explaining what site maps are doing for your website:

For those who aren’t into watching videos: the difference between an HTML and an XML sitemap is that XML sitemaps are working for search engines bots only, and HTML sitemaps also add to user experience. Your visitors can go to the HTML site map page and find/browse through links instead of using search or menus.