New Magento extension - Import Product Tags

New Amasty extension has arrived! Please welcome Import Product Tags – a part of SEO Toolkit.

Take your product tags over control by quickly adding them in bulk to your admin panel. Easily create SEO-friendly URLs and draw massive traffic to your online store.

Magento Import Product Tags features

Main features

1. Export and import product tags

Out of the box Magento allows only to approve product tags that were submitted by users. With Magento Import Product Tags you gain full control over your product tags, making use of CSV import and export feature.

Magento - import and export product tags

2. Show tags everywhere

Show Magento product tags on the product page, show the tag cloud in the sidebar and let people see the list of all available tags on the separate page as well.

3. Create SEO friendly URLs for product tags

Native Magento product tag URLs are not SEO friendly at all:

SEO friendly URls for product tags

Amasty Import Product Tags lets you create SEO friendly URLs:

SEO friendly URLs for product tags - example

Why on earth do I need that extension?

You can have more SEO benefits from product tags that you’ve imagined. In fact, properly set product tags are a great help when it comes to so-called long tails. These are keywords with more words in it, they have less competition and less traffic, but usually visitors that search for something more exact are more likely to convert.

What’s more, it’s easier to optimize for long tails:

Long tails for Magento product tags