Magento Live GermanyAutumn is a hot season for e-commerce community and if you are a real Magento fan you couldn’t miss the latest Magento Live event that took place in Munich, one of the most beautiful German cities. Of course, neither could we. As usual, it was a great pleasure to meet key Magento experts and industry headliners to get fresh ideas and share our experience.

We’d like to thank all the conference participants and organizers for building up warm and friendly atmosphere. Even the pre-event day was full of surprises and live interaction preparing community members for a busy conference marathon.

Being one of the conference industry/solution partners Amasty didn’t miss the chance to attend the pre-event meeting where Magento team shared with the audience the latest industry news. What can be better than meeting Magento professionals in person and exchange your ideas and knowledge with them?

The list of speakers and presentations was really impressive as well as carefully planned conference plan:

  •  Special developers session
  •  Merchant to Merchant session
  •  Business session

Amasty at Magento Live

Speakers seemed to cover every aspect focusing on the most burning issues of the Magento life. Thus, all the participants had the opportunity to get practical tips, professional consultations and complex solutions.

The audience was highly impressed by the Apache Solr Magento Enterprise presentation (David Manners, Senior Software Architect, Sitewards and Tobias Zander, CTO and Partner, Sitewards) as well as by the General Session. And of course, the inspirational speech by FIFA-referee legend Dr. Markus Merk was off the charts!

Thank you Magento Live, we are already looking forward to the next meeting!