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Here is an overview of the latest news from the Magento world. Today we will tell you about new features, integrations, events, and updates.

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Magento News

#1. New payment opportunity in PWA Studio

Magento recently announced integration with Braintree (from PayPal). It is integrated into the default storefront named Venia and provides secure transactions.

Now you can easily benefit from the “Pay by card” interface in your progressive web application. This option will help you increase the conversion rate, which usually drops down at the mobile checkout.

#2. MagentoLive Europe 2019 and Innovations Lab Showcase

MagentoLive Europe 2019 will be held this fall in Amsterdam. The latest innovations, experienced speakers, networking, and more good are waiting for you on 22-23 October at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Conference Center.

Also, you can visit the Innovations Lab Showcase this autumn and see what your colleges have been up to. Or you can even take part in this competition. Magento is looking for any even early-stage or experimental ideas that can be applied for Magento 2.

Read the official rules here.


#3. Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Sales Channel attracts merchants since it is available on Magento 2. Hundreds of store owners have already downloaded the extension. And the upcoming Amazon Prime Day is a good opportunity to find the revenue growth points. This year Amazon Prime Day will last from 15 to 16 July.

Here are some tips about how to spend these days in the most effective way:

  • Be secure that your product page looks perfect;
  • Increase your advertising budget;
  • Start sponsored campaign;
  • Fill your stock;
  • Don’t forget to promote your deals through social media.

Adobe-related news

June brought us some important news and updates from Adobe. Let’s consider them closely.

#4. Infrastructure for headless commerce

Adobe Commerce Cloud announced flexible Magento software for headless commerce. Store owners usually use API to build this type of commerce. You may already know how to start with Magento 2 API and the latest API updates. API lets you speed up getting, sending, and processing data and, also, transferring it to the third-party system. It will give you the opportunity to make changes to your products as many times as it is required to match your customers’ needs.

But now Adobe will provide different API for every client. It offers two sets of APIs: REST and GraphQL. Also, Adobe Experience Cloud solution is pre-integrated with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Sensei. These tools will help you make A/B testing.

Here you can find more information on this.

#5. Adobe introduced Qualtrics extension

Adobe Experience Platform helps you manage digital advertising companies. It gathers information about your customers from different sources and analyzes it. It was recently extended with a new SAP Qualtrics plugin. This extension lets you strengthen the digital marketing strategy by measuring customers’ mood.

How you can benefit:

  • Track feedbacks and customers actions more effectively and start advertising campaigns quicker;
  • Get better insight from website information;
  • Predict the actions that your customers will take;
  • Get access to XM technology with the QDP.

#6. Revenue record and product growth

This month Adobe reports about record revenue. Second-quarter revenue grew 25% over the year to a $2.74 billion, ahead of the forecast.

But not only Adobe stocks and revenue are growing, but also the product line. It has focused on mobile products such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Scan and on Magento and Marketo integrations. It announced a new product built on the Magento Commerce platform – Adobe Commerce Cloud. It integrates with Adobe Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Advertising Cloud.

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