Magento news: what happened in Magento world this summer

Hey Magento blog readers!

As many of you went to vacation this summer, I decided to make a very quick roll-up of some important Magento news and links you might have missed.

1. Magento 2 Security Challenge

Find a vulnerability in Magento 2 and receive a prize from $100 to $5,000, plus you could boast of your discoveries after Magento 2 is released. Jokes aside, it’s a wonderful opportunity to work on a new and untypical project and contribute to the Magento community as well. And test your skills, too!

2. eBay Enterprise is sold

eBay Enterprise is sold to a consortium consisting of Sterling Partners, Longview Asset Management, and Innotrac Corporation, a Sterling Partners portfolio company, together in partnership with companies owned by the Permira Funds.

Now, it’s hard to imagine what it could mean for Magento. There’s an article explaining the situation. In short: the deal looks good both for the company and for the product users.

3. Magento 2 Merchant Beta release was introduced in July

Magento 2 Merchant Beta release - what you should know

A great piece of news which makes us one step closer to the full Magento 2 release. The link will get you to our Magento 2 blog article explaining some basic facts about the Beta release.

4. E-commerce benchmarks May-August 2015 [statistics]

Magento news - ecommerce benchmark

Screen Pages has released e-commerce benchmark data regarding visitor sources and behaviour, conversions for retail e-commerce websites, for the summer period May-August 2015. All the studied sites are using Magento, so.

BTW, email is the best source of revenue, according to the figures.

5. Magento 2 branches, composer packages and sample data

An essential post if you want to dig your hands into Magento 2 for the first time. Also, check out Max Yekaterynenko blog – he works in Magento product development.

6. A list of standard issues with Magento 1 and their known solutions

The list was created by GitHub patrons; it’s good to look through the list if you’ve found an issue in Magento. Or just learn it by heart.

7. PHP 7 pre-releases are out

The releases cannot be used in production yet, they are more about fixing the bugs and testing. The final release is planned for Nov 12, 2015.

8. A tool to find security patches for a specific Magento version

Now you don’t need to google for security patches, Fabrizio Balliano synced it to the official Magento download page so it should be auto updated for future releases or future patches.

9. Become a Magento translation contributor

Magento translation

In the past Magento translation process left much to be desired, and now you can apply to become a translation contributor and use a localization platform to help Magento speak even more languages.

As Ben Marks says, We want to enable translations even for the less popular languages, giving a chance for everyone to contribute in a very meaningful way to the Magento platform.”

10. New Magento Connect is on its way

11. Top Amasty post this summer – insights from lead developer

PHP 7 and script languages future: insights from lead developer

Our most popular summer post is a translated long-read interview with PHP 7 lead developer and Zend Technologies Chief Performance Engineer – Dmitry Stogov.

Are there any important Magento news you would add to this list?