Magento Order archive - new Amasty extension

Amasty team is happy to present a brand new Magento extension – Order Archive.

Automatically archive orders or delete them to keep your order grid clean and save time on store management activities. Use flexible settings to customize archive process according to your needs.
Magento Order Archive features

 Main features

1. Delete Magento orders

Magento doesn’t allow deleting unwanted or test orders out of the box. To keep your Order Grid clean and neat, delete unnecessary orders fast and easy:

Delete Magento orders

Now test, spam or invalid orders won’t mess up with real orders for your convenience. The extensions deletes Magento orders with all related data, such as invoices, shipments, credit memos, quotes, transactions, so they won’t mess up with any other management activities. This simple, but effective feature is a must have for any Magento store.

 2. Archive Magento orders

Magento itself doesn’t have an option for archiving orders. If you don’t need an order in your Order Grid, but want to keep it with all the order information, archive it using our extension. It will move the order to the separate grid, where you will be able to access it any time without cluttering your main grid.

Archive Magento orders

3. Automate order archiving in Magento

  • select one or several order statuses for archiving;

Apply archiving to order statuses

  • specify the number of days before orders get archived;
  • set archive frequency;

Magento orders archivation frequency

  • force cron job to run archiving on demand.

In case you need to get Magento orders archived at any particular time, you can easily force cron job actions. After archiving is complete all the orders meeting specified conditions will be placed to archive order grid.

Setting up automated order archiving saves your time and automatically cleans up your order grid. For example, you can archive all completed orders older than 1 year.

4. Get email notifications to control archiving process

Order archiving email notifications

Notification email template

Magento Order Archive is a simple tool that extends Magento functionality so you can keep your orders, ahem, in order. No mess is allowed when you’re doing business!