New Magento Extension - Photo Gallery Pro

Amasty team is ready to present another Magento extension! Please welcome: Photo Gallery Pro is at your service. Yes, we have released seven extensions recently (and you can check them in Releases/Updates section), just couldn’t help ourselves.

This is a tool to improve your store’s usability by adding photo galleries, albums and slideshows so your customers will be able to examine shop items in details.

Intrigued? Read on to know how Amasty photo gallery extension can work for your product pages performance.

Create eye-catchy Magento product photo galleries, albums and slideshows. Visibly improve your product pages’ performance and let customers examine your store items in details.

New Magento extension Photo Gallery Pro

Why do you need a photo gallery plugin for your Magento shop?

1. Images speak louder than words. The most thorough text description must be supported by collections of vivid pictures, showing close-ups and general views, different angles, textures and decoration details, including inside pics if needed.

Photo Gallery Pro gallery example

2. You need a tool that helps to organize product images in Magento photo albums neatly. Working with thousands of pics could be a real mess, and this image gallery extension lets you manage everything that can be managed from backend and saves your time, as it has tens of features:

  • multilevel album structure;
  • album URL and meta tags management;
  • multiupload option, and more.

Photo Gallery Pro Album Options

3. Advanced image options give you even more power for working with this Magento gallery extension:

  • Easily sort uploaded images;
  • manage their display order;
  • assign images to different albums;
  • show images to particular customer groups;
  • manage meta tags and URLs for unique photo view pages, and more.

Photo Gallery Pro photo settings

How can I increase customers’ loyalty with this extension?

Magento Photo Gallery Pro offers a unique feature of customer generated content.

It means that authorized users can upload their own pics of the product. It works great for increasing customer loyalty, as in most of the cases people need not only professional photos of the item, but also real life pictures that are made by other customers.

What is more, the extension gives an option to rate product pictures for your visitors. Now your customers are able to leave feedback which is priceless for improving your product presentation quality.

Can I adjust the look of the photos and galleries to my Magento store?

Yes, sure. You can easily customize your extension using separate HTML/CSS files.

Won’t the extension make the page too heavy and slow?

Don’t worry, we use thumbnail optimization so you website will still load fast.

Is Magento Photo Gallery Pro good for SEO?

Sure! You can specify all the metadata and URLs for images and albums, as well as full and short descriptions for galleries.

Is Magento Photo Gallery Pro compatible with other Amasty image extensions, e.g. Color Swatches Pro?

It is. All Amasty extensions are compatible with each other, so you can install any of them in various combinations.

Does it support mass pics upload?

Yes, it does. We value your time, so we included two mass uploading features. You can upload a ZIP archive with pictures from your computer or take the images from the particular directory on your server.

Do you have any other questions about Photo Gallery Pro extension? We will be happy to answer them in the comments section.