New Magento extension: Quick View

– Knock knock.

– Who’s there?

– A new Magento extension – Quick View.

Looks like we can’t have a single month without a new extension. Meet Quick View – a tool to enhance your customers’ experience and speed up decision making process. Want to know the details? Welcome to click Read More right now.

Magento Quick View features

Magento Quick View enables visitors to quickly view product details and add products to cart right from the popup window on a category page. Apart from enhancing customer experience, it saves time, as shoppers don’t need to open each product they want to view in the given or new window. To sum it up, customers can write reviews, view product details and add items to cart from catalog view page. Now let’s see what exactly Quick View can do for your Magento shop.

Magento Quick View Main Features

1. Quick View button settings

You can customize the Quick View button and specify its size, color and position so it suits your Magento shop layout:

Magento Quick View customizable button Magento Quick View customizable button 2

Magento Quick View backend settings

2. Informative preview window

Now your customers can see all the necessary product information in the quick view window. No need to open multiple tabs with products they want to read about!

Quick view window contains:

  • Product image;
  • Short and full product description;
  • Stock availability;
  • Product reviews;
  • and all the info the regular product page contains.

Magento Quick View window

3. Multiple actions

Magento Quick View allows to perform various actions right from the quick view popup window. Again, it saves customers’ time and allows to:

  • Add products to cart/wishlist;
  • Add products to compare;

Magento Quick View actions

  • Zoom product images (if you have zoom as a part of the theme or as an extension);

Magento Quick View actions 2

  • Write a review;

Magento Quick View actions 3

Will it work with my Magento theme?

Quick View module is compatible with all Magento themes.

Does it work on mobile?

Yes. Quick View flawlessly works on all mobile devices.

I have lots of product page modules installed. Will they conflict?

Not going to! The extension is highly compatible with any Amasty and 3d party modules for product pages.

Why on earth I need this extension?

Long story short, Quick View provides features that are a must have for each and every shop. And you get it ready-made with super easy settings.